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    1500pts Salamanders semi-comp

    I have never finished a space marine army before but I love the Vulkan model, salamander chapter and the dirty brown (pre-heresy?) color scheme and think it would go well with a city fight look. (even though this isn't a city fight list)


    Vulkan (goes with terminators in land raider)
    The assault termi squad with vulkan all have 2+ armour and 3+ invun with vulkan striking at initiative 5 to pop some MEQ before termi's strike last with master crafted thunder hammers. Being able to assault from the land raider is cool too.
    Terminator Assault Squad x5 /w 5 thunder hammers + 5 storm shields

    Iron Clad Dreadnought /w h-flamer + h-flamer + hunter-killer missile + hunter-killer missile + drop pod
    Iron Clad Dreadnought /w h-flamer + h-flamer + hunter-killer missile + hunter-killer missile + drop pod
    First turn Iron claws place Drop pod 1" from enemy rear armor then scatter away to maximum of 12", both hop out and fire two hk missiles into the rear armour of an enemy tank each, smoke and then get stuck into something on turn 2.Twin linked heavy flamers are nasty and decent for horde.
    Scout Squad x5 /w heavy bolter + 4 sniper rifles + camo cloaks
    Scouts pick a good spot in cover or even an objective and hunker down/hide.
    Tactical Squad x10 /w flamer + multi-melta + drop pod
    Tactical Squad arrives at a later point in game near an objective hopefully after some threats have been neutralised (somehow I cant see the list not killing anything before they arrive. Eldar tanks or seer council will be hard) Since my troops are limited the idea is capture a single objective and then just contest others.
    Fast Attack
    Land speeder squadron /w heavy flamer + multi-melta
    Land speeder squadron /w heavy flamer + heavy flamer
    Land speeders hug cover and set up to attack at the same time as rest of army. Twin linked heavy flamers deal decent damage and multi helps chase down skimmers.
    Heavy Support
    Land raider Redeemer /w extra armor + multi-melta
    Land raider hug cover, smokes and advances full pelt.
    Total 1500pts

    I would love to hear any advice on what to look out for with this list. And also hear about peoples experiences with Land raider redeemer and termi's with thunder hammers. I don't know how good the redeemer is but it seems to me to fit in better with the fluff of salamanders. I also feel all the flamers and multi melta's in this list should be fun to play with when there all twin linked with St5 or multi's being fired from BS4


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    Looks pretty good, although I'd say you might be a bit light on troops choices.

    I think I'd drop an Ironclad and the Scouts in favour of a 2nd Tactical Squad (and put them in the IC's pod)
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    I agree with Realitycheque about the troops. I'd definitely drop the Scouts and free up some points elsewhere for another Tactical squad. I would also recommend powerfists on your sergeants and give a Tactical squad a meltagun for some AT if you have the points.

    For the Ironclads I'd recommend a HF/meltagun combo just in case.

    I like the idea you have of using one Land speeder as a HF/HF, but I'd be more inclined to having both LS MM/HF for multi-purpose work.

    Overall, it looks like a fun list. Good luck!
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    Save a load of points by getting standard dreads with MM+HF in drop pods then....

    boost the scouts up to a tac squad possibly with a razorback if you can afford the points.
    Both speeders need MM/HF.
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