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Thread: 2000 point list

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    2000 point list

    Hello everyone, I have attached to this post an army list for 2000 points. It has been about five years since i've played 40k and was wondering if you wouldn't mind critiquing my army list. I do have the new codex but not the newest rule book yet...soon. I was trying to get a fairly balanced army that may be converted to a mechanized army later (when i can afford all those Chimeras). Anyway thanks for the insights.

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    HQ: it a bit pricey for my liking but for Straken I am not sure whats good with him. So your just going to have to sit tight and wait for someone else to post.

    Elites: Now I love Stormtroopers. Most people will say their too expensive and its still a strength 3 weapon but they still work well in my army. Now the only thing I would change is get rid of the meltas unless you drop five guys. My reasoning behind this is in a ten man squad their expensive enough without any special weapons but in a 5 man squad the special weapons can help and make the small squad more suitable for tank hunting rather than going and killing MEQ. And drop the plasma pistol cause the Gets Hot rule will hurt you in the long run trust me. Not a whole lot you can do to screw up ratlings so their fine.

    Troops: Well on the Platoon Squad I'd drop the power weapons. They wont help you much. The heavy flamer is too expensive so its not worth it. Add in another melta gun in its place. Alpha Squad I'd drop the vox, Commissar, and power weapon. The power weapon wont really help and you probably should combine your two infantry squads to save some points and some orders. I'd give the platoon command squad the chimera. Bravo squad Im fine with. Now the HWS is messy. Mixing an autocannon and lascannons together isnt really something you should do. The autocannon cant take on all the targets a lascannon can take on like AV14. You should go all lascannon just to give you some more anti- tank. But if you want to mix heavy weapons go with one missile launcher and two lascannons or one heavy bolter and two autocannons. That should work out better. The Veterans I'd drop the missile launcher and the heavy flamer and just give them one more meltagun. You should make them a strong tank hunting squad.

    Fast Attack: I usually dont use fast attack personally. Thats just me though. Nearly all players use fast attack. The Vendetta looks great. The sentinels I think you only need one searchlight and to me they seem a bit pricey but that could just be me.

    Heavy Support: Im fine with this. The side weapons on the leman russ I can go either way on but what it comes down to is what you expect them to do.

    Well this is my take on the list. The rest is your decision on weather to consider my rambles or just leave them in the wind. I would remove individual points like the wargear and weapon costs because the mods really dont like that and I dont want to see you get in trouble.

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