1500 point IG alah Dr. Strangelove (my apologies to Mr. Kubrick) - non competitive - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 point IG alah Dr. Strangelove (my apologies to Mr. Kubrick) - non competitive

    Kicking the idea around in my head of M.A.D.(Mutually Assured Destruction), and how it could be applied to the imperial guard, and came up with the following list... exactly 1500 points! Again this is just fun, I thought it was goofy enough that it may actually work =)

    hq: yarrick

    troop 1: infantry platoon
    pcs x4 flamer chimera flamer / flamer
    x2 infantry squads flamer
    x2 special weapons squad x3 demo

    troop 2: vets demolitions x3 flamer chimera ML / flamer

    fast attack 1: vendetta hellfury missles

    fast attack 2: vendetta hellfury missles

    heavy 1: Deathstrike missle launcher

    heavy 2: manticore

    heavy 3: manticore

    Yarrick will deploy with the 2 infantry squads (combined).

    The special weapons squads will each get a ride in a vendetta. Hellfury missles (or hellstrike, can't remember which is which atm) because... after the first shot it probably won't matter! More templates and ignoring cover = good in this list.

    The general idea is to inflict massive amounts of wounds randomly, and fratricide is a plus!

    I think it may be a requirement to model a sergeant riding the deathstrike with a cowboy hat, rodeo style...

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    I can't say much for its effectiveness, but it sure looks like fun to play

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