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    !500 point List mostly play against Nids

    1500 point list standard list
    HQ Point Cost
    Librarian 100
    Terminator amour/SS

    Terminator squad (5models) 200
    Storm bolters, PF

    Tactical Squad (10 models) 170
    Melta gun
    Plasma cannon

    Tactical Squad(10 models) 170
    Flamer 0
    Plasma Cannon
    Dozer blade

    Fast Attack
    Assault squad (10 models) 190
    Plasma pistol
    Power fist

    Heavy Support
    Lascanon sponsons
    Twin-linked lascanon

    Vindictor 115
    Dozer Blade

    Devastator Squad (5models)
    2 lascanon

    Brief strategic overview:
    I usually play nids and have had trouble with monstrous creatures and stealers. This list is supposed to counter this. Five lascanon should be enough to keep the cc tyrants and fexes at bay. The plasma and demolisher canon will be used to finish off the big bugs if needed and be used in an anti infantry. The rhinos will be used to bring combat squads to objectives and to escort the vindictor into shooting range. The rhino in the devastator squad is for extra protection and coolness. The librarian and terminators will probably be foot slogging and taking care of big bugs who get to close. The assault squad is going to come in from reserves to add support to the fire line where the little critters are heaviest. Please comment on how effective this army is against nids and all around.
    The Librain is suppose to nullify zoanthropes warp blast. Suggestions are always welomce!!

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    Better edit the post and remove the individual upgrade/options points cost, GW doesn't like those kind of things and most forums disallow it

    Right, as for the list itself, here's some thoughts:

    1. Standard Terminators are usually not recommended these days. While I love Terminators of all kinds, Assault Terminators are generally more powerful and survivable in assault. Go with that version if you haven't bought the Termies yet.

    2. Instead of 2 lascannons, why not have a Devastator squad with 4 missile launchers? This was the standard weapons configuration back in 4th Edition, and the reason it was suggested back then (flexibility) is still valid today.

    3. For the Predator, swap in the Autocannon and Heavy Bolters. Monstrous creatures usually die to massed firepower instead of anti-tank shots.

    4. Get some Powerfists for your squads. While it's more expensive and less effective nowadays, monstrous creatures will think twice of assaulting a unit with a Powerfist.

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    What powers were you thinking of taking on the Librarian?

    I'd recommend either 4 x ML on the Devastators, or possibly 2 x plasmacannon, 2 x ML. Also, I think the AC/HB Predator might serve you better with the volume of shots you can fire off each turn. If you do want lascannons in it I'd only upgrade the sponsons to them.

    If you can try to get some powerfists on your sergeants, and, since you mentioned combat squads how about Razorbacks instead of Rhinos?

    Against Tyranids, I'd probably go for the second flamer on the Assault squad.

    Good luck!
    "Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!"
    -This space for rent-
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