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    2000 Abusive Mech List

    A list I really wanna try out. It comes out to a gross (for most, but decent for guard) 18 KP but I think it'll be able to wipe out a lot of armies anyway.

    Company Command Squad
    3 plasmas, medic, powersword

    6x Veterans
    3 meltas

    2x Valkyrie
    Missile Pods

    3x Hydra Squadron
    3 Hydras each

    This comes to exactly 2000 points with 18 meltas, 3 plasmas, 18 twin-linked autocannons, 15 heavy bolters, 9 multi lasers and 4 rocket pods and a powersword cuz of extra points.

    There is no heavy armor on the board but with 11 armored targets the opponents AT should be taxed and with each unit being a threat and having lots of redundancy this list should get whatever job you need done. The option for switching a chimera to the command squad and mounting a vet in a valk is there too as well is switching the valks for vendettas if your going up against more land raiders and guard in your local area.

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    Sorry to put a rather negetive message across here but I think your army desperately lacks variety.

    I'm honestly not sure that 18 is decent for guard. Also all those various transports will be very easy to pop open, leaving your T3 models open to enemy guns. You basically have nothing that can harm enemy armour but meltas and if your opponent is good they can outmaneover your chimera's till they can kill them, and melta guys go nowhere without a transport. Also if you open fire on MEQ lists with a squad of 3 meltas from 12" away, even if you are in cover, you are about to be shot to pieces. Great Maneoverability in theory but I don't know how this will work in practice.

    As I face loads of MEQ lists I loath Autocannon's as they can't pierce the detestable 3+ armour save.In the theoretical situation of you facing an army such as vehical heavy Tau then I suspect they could probably pack their bags as the devilfishes will fall to all those autocannon's, you have enough mobile melta's to kill any heavy stuff, and heavy bolters + autcannon's will wipe the rest of the army out. Against SM's however you have 2 turns as you try and get your men close to any 14 AV stuff of being hit by lascannon's and multi melta's etc. Without ordnance or much plasma (3 guns doesn't count) you won't be able to do much damage to their squads even if you kill all the rhino's

    This looks like a very fun army to play, and maybe if you got abit more variety but kept to the same theme you could play it well but as it is at the moment I don't think it's competitive even as a fun army.

    This is just my personal opinion and prediction on what would happen so don't take it too badly, and I may well be wrong.

    Either way good luck and it still looks fun to play.
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    I could see the list doing well but not sure if I would enjoy playing with it or against it. I have a hard time putting alot of the same thing in an army and you have 6 identical squads and 9 of the same heavy support vehicle.

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    3 Getrudes Frank Fugger's Avatar
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    AV14, Obliterators and basically anything that can take the wounds your shooting will inflict and keep on coming will roll this list. Two Land Raiders with multimeltas would probably have your meltagun Vets footslogging before they've had chance to get anywhere near close (which is bad because none of your other weapons will remotely trouble AV14), Nob Bikerz will get 2-dice saves against everything apart from the meltas, and at 2000pts the average Guard army will likely be able to put enough lascannons on the table to gut your AV12 vehicles easily and mop up whatever crawls out of them. It'd be a difficult list to play against to be sure, and if you took it to a tourney chances are you'd do well purely because it's so spammy, but there are counters.

    Try dropping the Hydras to 3 squadrons of 2, take an extra Valkyrie, and run 3 of your Vets as drop troops with the Forward Sentries and possibly Grenadiers doctrines; that'll let you put the meltaguns where they need to be quickly, give your Vets a bit of survivability (they'll probably still die, but at least they didn't have to walk anywhere ) and it'll also mean you can tool up your other 3 Vets for other things (keep the Chimeras though; multilasers and heavy bolters are fun to have). You could probably get a half-decent Infantry Platoon for the same cost as those 3 Vets squads too. I'd also give your CCS a serious rethink, because they're looking both expensive and vulnerable.

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    I Expect the Inquisition RecklessFable's Avatar
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    You'll definitely want the CCS in a Chimera since it makes more sense for a scoring unit to be in the most mobile vehicle.

    I'd actually drop a chimera and fill both Valks with dudes. Also, I don't think you need 6xVets. 4 works fine for me, but 5 is safer I guess.

    So -1 chimera and -1 Vet squad would free up points for more hydras, Psykers, Marbo, a Vendetta, a Banewolf, a Hellhound...

    More killy for less redundancy.
    RecklessFable's Journey to Mediocrity (Painting an IG army)
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    Art Culinaire BLADERUNNER's Avatar
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    Consider a few veteran squads, the way it seems your list lacks heavy support, try popping in some heavy weapons i.e. lascannons.

    You'll want to rethink the hydras. They only work well and decently on skimmers. If you run into any other mech list your screwed.

    Some variations of tanks you might want to reconsider.

    -Pick out two squadrons of tanks. 2 tanks each. It leaves a third heavy option.

    -Punisher gatling guns have a heavy 20 str 5 assault.

    -Executioner patterns might be pricey but are totally worth it. It would be more fun than just using flak.

    Also consider - Hellhounds instead of those melta teams. Devil Dogs have so much more to offer. A roving melta weapon that uses armor stats instead of wounds is for sure to survive petty common firepower.

    -Consider arming sentinels with heavy flamers, and lascannons.

    -But most of all you will totally want to rethink your versitality.

    Some common varieties of veterans.

    Lascannon - Plasma guns - usage against vehichles
    Heavy Bolters - Flamers - Infantry
    Heavy Flamers - Flamers -Infantry
    Auto Cannons - Melta Guns -Mixed infantry
    Sniper rifle squads - Characters

    Also. Figure out if you can possibly use doctrines in veteran squads to even further maximize there use.

    Think of what each squads use is going to be. Then reselect the weaponry TO MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY.

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