2000 points: Tigurius's Bodyguard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 points: Tigurius's Bodyguard

    So far I have only played sisters of battle in 40k and am looking to expand to a marines army of some kind. This idea I might start is based off of my to favorite 2 space marines units: sternguard and vanguard. Tigurius does not necessarily have to be included but I think he meshes well with both units.

    230 Chief Librarian Tigurius

    190 Space Marine Captain
    Bike, Artificer armour, Thunder hammer, Combi-melta

    185 Space Marine Bike Squad x 5
    2x Meltaguns, Powerfist

    185 Space Marine Bike Squad x 5
    2x Meltaguns, Powerfist

    185 Space Marine Bike Squad x 5
    2x Meltaguns, Powerfist

    185 Space Marine Bike Squad x 5
    2x Meltaguns, Powerfist

    270 Sternguard Veteran Squad x 10
    4x Combi-meltas
    45 Drop Pod with Locator Beacon

    Fast Attack:
    265 Vanguard Veteran Squad x 7
    Jump packs, 2x Power weapons (for 3 total)

    250 Scout Bike Squad x 8
    3 Astartes Grenade Launchers, Powerfist, Locator Beacon

    Total Points: 1990

    So I have 10-15 points to work with still (my gaming group allows 5 points over no questions asked and we all take advantage). I almost took 3 Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas or 2 bike squads of 3 with beacons and astartes granade launchers in place of the Scout Bikes and i would have 100 points left over but I decided 1 mobile locator beacon would do me good.

    The Captain would usually join one of the many bike squads available. Tigurius hangs out in the drop pod with the sternguard and teleports them to wherever they need to be with the gate of infinity making a very powerful and mobile rapid fire unit that can have 5+ invul saves. YaY! Vanguard come in and assault when i see something vulnerable. The rest is just bikes. I love T5!

    I play often: Mech Tau (biggest threat), Black Templars (uses a lot of vehicles as well), All jump troop Blood Angels, 2 Eldar players (who can field anything), and Necrons

    I play rarely: Orks (who shoot surprisingly well and have a couple super CC units), and a very competitive Thousand Suns/Battle Sisters player.

    Anybody else in my group can be beaten with anything (don't tell the I said that, they're my friends )

    Done rambling.

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    Not bad. Very fast army. Lots of meltas for anti-tank. Just try to avoid cc. Your 5-man bikers won't last long against other cc-oriented troops.

    Regarding HQ, consider Kor'sorro Khan instead of the Captain. Also, not quite sure how Tigurius would fit in with your army. He is so slow compared to the rest of your army.

    Also, I'd probably switch out the powerfists from 2 bike squads to power weapons instead. They're much more useful when going against other troop choices.

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    Tigurius and Khan make a lovely combination with their reserve control and outflanking.

    Turn 3 you should be able to have most of your army hit the table at once, and with a 12" move on your bikes that's a large threat range.
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