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    1500 semi-mechanised

    I've got a game coming up against another Guard player soon, and I've no idea whether he's going to go horde-heavy, armour-heavy or somewhere in between, so I've tried to hedge my bets a bit with this one. Comments and critique very welcome.

    Company Command Squad: Captain Stembridge - 215
    Officer (Power weapon), Standard (pistol and ccw), 1x Laspistol/CCW, 2 Flamers, Officer of the Fleet, 2 Bodyguards
    Chimera (Heavy Stubber)

    Bravo Platoon - 320
    Officer, Vox, 2 Grenade Launchers, Flamer
    3 Squads: Vox, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter
    Mortar Squad

    Veterans: Squad Echo 1 - 165
    3 Meltaguns
    Chimera (Hunter Killer missile)

    Veterans: Squad Echo 2 - 120
    Demolitions Doctrine, 2 Meltaguns (ride in Gunship Blue 1)

    Veterans: Squad Echo 3 - 85
    3 Flamers, 3 Shotguns (ride in Gunship Blue 2)

    Fast Attack
    Valkyrie: Gunship Blue 1 - 130
    Multilaser, Multiple Rocket Pods

    Vendetta: Gunship Blue 2 - 130
    3x TL Lascannon

    Heavy Support
    Leman Russ (3x Heavy Bolter) - 170

    Leman Russ (3x Heavy Bolter) - 170

    If I can add up properly (a big if), that should come to 1500 exactly.

    The plan is that the platoon blobs up on one flank, and the Russes, Chimeras, and Airborne troops all rush the other flank. Chimeras deploy behind the Russes to attempt to mitigate against first-turn fire; air uses the Scout rule to gain the benefits of the Moving Fast defence.

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    Just some ideas for you......

    HQ: Personally i prefer Power fists over power weapons. Guard characters having a piss poor Initiative means they'll be striking last pretty much all the time anyway so you might as well have the increased strength of the powerfist. Killing marines on 2's is always nice too.

    Troops: The 3rd Vet Squad (the one with Flamers) These boys can be replaced by a platoon assault squad. It'd save you some points (35) and fills the same roll as a burny death unit. Plus it's still a scoring unit so Win win! You can use the points to give the 2nd Vet squad a 3rd Melta gun. (or some plasma sponsons for a Russ)

    Democharges are best used against heavy Infantry. It'd be better suited to a vet squad armed with Plasma guns. A demo charge and 3 plasma with make marine players cry.

    Other bits
    The rest though is perfect.

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