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    Deathwing army 1750pts

    Hi all! I have just finished my mighty ork hord and are now looking for something more relaxing to play. So I thought maby Space marines, so I looked in the codex and fell in love with terminators. So I found the Dark Angels Deathwing and decided it could be fun to make a all out deathwing. So here is my list for you:

    HQ: 275pts

    Belial w/ Storm bolter and Sword of Silence 130pts

    Librarian w/ Terminator armour 145pts

    Troops: 1475pts

    Deathwing Terminator Squad 1 w/ Cyclone missile launcher 235pts

    Deathwing Terminator Squad 2 w/ Cyclone missile launcher 235pts

    Deathwing Terminator Squad 3 w/ Assault cannon, Deathwing Company Banner 270pts

    Deathwing Terminator Squad 4 w/ Assault cannon 245pts

    Deathwing Terminator Squad 5 w/ Assault cannon 245pts

    Deathwing Terminator Squad 6 w/ Assault cannon 245pts

    Total: 1750pts
    All sergents have Storm bolters and Power sword.

    First wave will be Belial with squad 3, Librarian with group 4 and last group 5.

    Seconde wave will be squads 1, 2 and 6.

    Let me now what you think and all advice are welcome.

    Waaagh!! Zaktoznaz!!

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    First thing is, i wouldnt get a Librarian, with power ists with just about every model you will benefit MUCH more from re rolls to hit then you would some dodgy unpredictable flamer, so i would get an interogator Chaplain in termi amour instead, i think it's a much better choice for an army like this, also in the first wave i would send both characters, and the command terminator squad and the two cyclone missile squads, and with belial, get twin lightning claws, they utilize his initiative and WS and thhe re rolls to wound make up for his some what average strength of 4. other then that this list should be devastating, no opponent can hop to bring that many ap 1 and 2 weapons in 1750 points, and that many storm bolters will level horde armies.

    Death to the Alien!
    who likes cockroaches anyway.
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