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    1500 marines friendly

    Games at my local are usually brutal and involve a large amount of cover or cityfight tables. also without fail a lot of objectives to cover. perhaps this is jsut the stores local rules but those are what we play to. with that in mind i have this list. let me know what you think please

    designed as a mainly static list. get to and hold nearby objectives, hold bikes/assault marines back to counter the inevitable rush on my lines. sternguard to plug the line and hold a weak spot


    Captain - Storm Shield, Relic Blade - 145


    Sternguard - powerfist, combi plasma - 155


    Tactical Squad - 10SM - Flamer, power weapon - 185

    Tactical Squad - 10SM - plasma gun, MultiMelta, plasma pistol, power weapon - 210

    Tactical Squad - 10SM - melta gun, lascannon, powerfist - 210

    Scout Squad - 5xS - Snipers, Heavy Bolter - 85

    Scout Squad - 5xS - Snipers, Missile Launcher - 85

    Scout Squad - 5xS - BP - CCW & BP


    Attack Bike - Multi Melta - 50

    Bike Squad - 5xSM - powerfist, melta gun - 175

    Assault Squad - 5xSM - Power Fist - 125

    Total - 1500

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    I like it. I love horde Marines.

    Just a couple things that I see.

    On the Captain, the Stormshield is largely un-necessary. He's already got a pretty good Invulnerable Save. If you want to spend the points, spend it on Artificer Armor or Digital Weapons (and his Relic Blade will basically never fail to wound.)

    On the first Tactical Squad, you might as well pick up a Heavy Weapon. There are plenty of free ones available.

    On the second Tac Squad, I'm not crazy about plasma pistols. Take a Powerfist instead.

    If you shuffle some points around, I would advise on a Plasma Cannon. They are frightfully effective against everything.

    The CC Scout Squad is nice, I love CC Scouts, but 5 is not enough. A bigger squad for them and a Powerfist on the Sergeant will make it a real force to be reckoned with. The same goes for the Assault squad. (I'm the type who always tries to make my CC-oriented squads as large as possible.)

    The Bike Squad...I'm a little iffy on. I'd ditch it for another MM Trike.

    Other than that, though, I love the concept

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