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    1000 points of Squats?

    I'm doing a Squat list using Guardsmen Rules (Only 1000 Points all I can Afford for now) and I would like some help with it as I am Pretty new to guardsmen (Long time Ork Player) Heres the List

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HQ 225
    "The Diamondite Hand"
    ___Mining Company Boss (Command Squad)
    ___Power Weapon
    ___2 Plasma Guns
    ___Transport Cordinator (Astropath)
    ___Defensive Cordinator (Officer of the Fleet)
    ___Artillery Cordinator (Master of Ordnance)
    ___2 Bodyguards
    ___Carapace Armour
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elites 105
    5 Squat Assault Team (Storm Troopers)
    2 Plasmaguns
    "Underground Assault" (Airborne Assault)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Troops 390
    "The Copper Fist"
    ___10 "Squat Grenadiers" (Veterans)
    ___3 Grenade Launchers
    "The Tin Fist"
    ___10 "Squat Grenadiers" (Veterans)
    ___3 Grenade Launchers
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Heavy 280
    Leman Russ Executioner "The 42nd Diamond"
    Plasma Cannon Sponsors
    Crew of Ages (Knight Commander Pask)

    Please Comment on any Silly Mistakes/Beginners Problems

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    Son of LO kevin vanrooyen's Avatar
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    Ok in just about no situation outside apoc should your command squad be worth 200+ points. Bodyguards are overpriced, drop them. You have 1 5 man unit in reserve, you don't need an astropath, at 1000 points you need more men so take him out. Vox networks are too expensive in anything under 1500 points, you don't need it here. Your command squad should not be in combat so you should drop the power weapon. Finally 2 plasma guns aswell as all of those advisors will make this squad a huge target with very few guys to take a hit before you start removing the important guys (spec wep guys, advisors...)

    Pask is too expensive for games of this point level, he is good in 2k or 1.5k with a vanquisher.

    In summary
    -Drop the astropath
    -Drop the power weapon
    -Drop the bodyguards
    -Drop the CCS plasmaguns
    -Drop the voxes
    -Drop Pask

    That should give you a grand total of 165 points. If I were you I'd get another vet squad to hold those all important objectives.

    Also your 2 vet squadslisted should cost 240 points, not 390. Did you inculde another vet squad when making your list then have a brain fart and not pst it up here? I know i've done that .

    Anyhow good luck with the Imperial Squats. May your mines go deep and your beer stay cold
    IG Best Gen 1st overall of 10 DE 4th overall of 6
    Eldar 3rd Overall/Best General of 26--2nd Overall/Best General of 7--1st Overall/Best General of 11

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