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    1500 points Black Templars.

    Ok, I have a weekly gaming group, and starting in the next few weeks (To coincide with both the release of Planetstrike and the new RoB Board set with terrain $$$) we'll be running a campaign.

    My list has gone through a few incarnations, and I was looking for some feedback on this. Also, I've included some possibilities on heading up to 2000 points, thoughts and comments would be welcome.


    Master of Sanctity

    Terminator Armour
    Terminator Honors

    Emperor's Champion
    Accept any Challenge, no Matter the Odds

    HQ Total: 275 points



    10 Initiates w/ BP+CC.
    Power Fist.
    Rhino w/ Smoke + E.A.


    9 Initiates w/ BP+CC
    Power Fist
    Rhino w/ Smoke + E.A.


    6 Initiates
    Missle Launcher
    Plasma Gun

    Troop Total: 578 Points

    Elite/Heavy Support.

    Sword Brethren Terminator Assault Squad

    6 Terminators (4 w/ LC, 2 w/ TH+SS)
    Land Raider Crusader Transport - 265

    Missle Launcher

    Elite/Heavy Support Total: 640 Points

    Army Total: 1493

    So, idea is simple really. Three pronged attack, EC goes in the 9 man squad, chaplain with the termies. Roll up the table under smoke cover, then destroy things. Stay at home crew (Gamma) Holds a home objective.

    For 2000 points, my idea is quite simple. Bump the EC Squad up to 16 members in total, and give him a LRC of his own to play with. Add another Clawed-Terminator to get the 8 man squad filled. Then round out with another dreadnought (standard loudout). Anything else goes on bumping the Stay at home squad up to 10 members, or including a second 6 man tac for LR Support (Perhaps Lascannon/Plasma Cannon).

    Thanks for comments in advance.

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