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    reformed 2500 ard boyz list

    This is a second post to my previous army list this one has be reformed with the tips some of you provided i am hoping to get some good feedback like last time thank you to all who reply.

    HQ: Marneus Calgar 265
    Armour of Antilochus

    Chaplin 115
    Power Fist

    Troops: 10 man tactical sqaud 280
    Power weapon

    10 man Tactical Squad 235
    Plasma Gun
    Power Weapon

    10 Man tactical Sqaud 230
    Power Weapon

    6 man scout squad 128
    5 sniper rifles
    Missle Launcher
    6 camo cloaks

    Elite: Ironclad dreadnaught 195
    Assault Launchers
    Heavy Flamer
    Extra Armour
    Drop Pod

    Dreadnaught 145
    Missle Launcher

    5 man Terminator sqaud 200
    3 thunder hammer storm shields
    2 Lightning Claws

    Heavy: LandRaider Crusader 275
    Extra Armour

    Vindicator 140
    Extra Armour
    siege shield

    Predator 165
    Lascannon Sponsons

    Total Costs: 2260

    Yet again i come short and this sucks with the economic times i cant afford to buy anything else to add to my army. I had to change it arounbd from my last list because of the lack of stuff. But what i do have that i can use is:

    a Devastator sqaud with 2 lascannons and 2 plasma cannons i can patch togeather

    2 landspeeders i can load out with some various weapons

    a 10 man assault squad

    another dreadnaught

    a landraider regular or crusader pattern

    a regular 5 man termi squad with an assault cannon

    and mabey 1 more tact sqaud i can patch togeather

    Those are my options for stuff to add on as for add ons i can add them in to tanks.

    Now the general plan for this army is to have the heavy weapons pop the enemy tanks and transports. The tactical sqauds will zoom around mostly togeather with the land raider and unload and spray down enemy troops. As for the land raider with the termies and marneus and the chaplin they will go for the enemies large heavy sqaud like enemy HQs and high value heavy weapons sqauds as for tanks hence the powerfist on the chaplin. The scout snipers will be doing thier part in picking off the lonly hqs like the deamon princes and other high toughness creatures like carnifexs.

    My 1 plan is to take 1 more 5 man termi sqaud with storm bolters and the assault cannon and teleport them in next to marnuies and just have them spray shit done i dont know if it would work or not. I hope some of you will actually read through this and give me good advice and feed back thatnk you.

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    You need to remove the individual point costs from this, and just put the totals for the squads.

    Once you've done that I'll give you some advice.
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