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    2,000 Point Blood Angels Non-competitive

    I got into 40k a few months ago, and have been so far collecting Tau and Blood Angels. I have the black reach set, a Land Raider (!), and an assault squad. I was advised to get about 2,000 points of Blood Angels before I finished my Tau Army. With my birthday coming up, I can probably get my army to 1500 points.

    Anyways, here is the 2,000 points list (and within it a 1,500 point list):

    300 - Dante & Corbulo

    Dante is Dante, he'll probably just hang around with an assault squad or something. Corbulo leads the death company.

    265 - 5-man Veteran assault squad w/ 3 thunder hammers, 1 melta gun, 1 flamer, (those two) have meltabombs

    Just run around destroying every vehicle in sight, and shoot before they run in. Flamer for a little bit of flexibility.

    150 - Death company venerable furioso dreadnought w/ heavy flamer

    200 - Assault terminator squad 3x claws, 2x hammers

    I like the models and I need thunder hammers.

    0 - 5-Man Death Company

    Ride with Corbulo in the Land Raider

    175 - 5-man assault squad srg w/ combat shield, power sword, melta bombs

    Mostly anti-infantry assault squad.

    205 - 10-man tactical squad srg w/ chainsword, flamer, missile launcher

    May split into combat squads, but probably just sit on objectives.

    205 - 10-man tactical squad w/ chainsword, meltagun, meltabombs
    (note- everything above can be used as a 1500 point list)

    They run up and kill things.

    125 - 5-man tactical squad, flamer, meltabombs

    They sit on Objectives.

    130 - 3-man bike squadron w/ meltabombs (and chainsword on sergeant ), flamer, meltagun

    I like fast things.

    250 - Land Raider

    It's a Land Raider. In this case it carries the death company.

    This list is not meant to be a list that kills everything, but instead a list that is fun to play. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

    Last edited by Raivu; July 7th, 2009 at 00:39. Reason: realized the rhino's points cost was not inclused

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