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    2000 pt mech list updated

    CCS – Officer of the Fleet, Chimera (ML/HF), 4x plasma


    PBS (9 psykers), Chimera (ML/HF)

    PCS – 4x FL, Chimera (ML/HF)
    TS – Plasma, Chimera(ML/HF)
    TS – Plasma, Chimera(ML/HF)
    TS – Autocannon
    TS – Autocannon

    Vet Squad – 3x Melta, Chimera(ML/HF)

    Vet Squad – 3x Melta (In Valk)

    Valkyrie – Missile Pods


    Heavy Support

    LR Demolisher (LC)

    LR Demolisher (LC)

    After my first game with a similar list to this I have made some changes:
    I Dropped my third LRBT in the squadron in favor of a vendetta. I found that I spent a couple turns unable to fire one of the three due to no ability to get line of sight on the same target as the other two. Additionally I found myself lacking in first turn tank killing power that the vendetta will greatly help with.

    I swapped one of my Troop squads in a chimera for 2 static squads with autocannons because I needed more ability to penetrate 12AV right off the bat.

    With the extra points from converting the LRBT to a vendetta I also brought my PBS up to a full squad of 9 psykers which will also help me put another strong shot on the field in turn 1.

    Lastly I converted my PCS to flamers as opposed to grenade launchers. In one fateful turn I managed to score 15 wounds on my own guys and only 1 on a squad of striking scorpions with this squad. No more of that.

    Please comment. Thanks.

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