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    1850 All Comers - Variant C (Mech Gunline)

    I've put together about a half dozen lists for an upcoming tournament being run by A.T. to post on here - I figure if I get a couple of them critiqued then there's less chance of my opponents coming on here and seeing what I've got My potential opponents include everything but SM, WH/DH and Dark Eldar.

    Variant C is a sort of Mech Gunline.

    Pedro Kantor - 175

    Tactical 1 (w/ PlasmaCannon, Meltagun, Powerfist) - 205
    Razorback 1 (w/ Extra Armour) - 55

    Tactical 2 (w/ Flamer, Lascannon, Powerfist) - 205
    Razorback 2 (w/ Extra Armour) - 55

    Sternguard (10 men w/ 2x Heavy Flamer, 4x CombiMelta, Powerfist) - 335
    Drop Pod - 35

    Assault Terminators (1x 2LC, 4xTH/SS) - 200
    Land Raider Redeemer (w/ Meltagun) - 250

    Thunderfire Cannon - 100

    Devestator Squad (4x ML) - 150

    Whirlwind - 85

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    Yippie! Pedro Kantor!

    I think the whirlwind and TFC might be a bit superfluous. In terms of anti-horde tools, either one would be great. I already stated in the other post my love for TFCs, but it comes down to preference.

    One more important point. Razorbacks can only carry 6 models. I don't know your strategy, and combat squads can work well, but there's a couple of moves that IMO, you could make that would be great for your unit.

    1. Drop either the Whirlwind or TFC (your call, if either) because it's a) lower points and b) just my opinion, I'm gonna drop the whirlwind saving 85 points.
    2. I would turn the razorbacks into rhinos and drop the extra armor. if you think about it, the difference between normal armor and extra armor is minor and only helps when someone rolls a 2 on the vehicle damage chart. In my opinion, I just don't feel it would be worth it, considering basically everything above str 4 can pop it. saves you 40 points overall.
    3. I'm not including this in my point total, but if you want some AA in your tac squad sgts, I would give them melta bombs. MBs are str 8 + 2d6, as opposed to the Powerfist, which is 8 + 1d6. While against transports of armor 10 and 11, it doesn't make much difference, against stuff like battlewagons and chaos landraiders it will save your sanity. If you still want a power weapon on the sgt, take a lightning claw. rerolling wounds is sweet.
    4. Now, I love sternguards, and I would never say they could be too tooled up, but...they might be too tooled up. Again take melta bombs, and maybe drop a combi-melta or two. Also, maybe take lightning claws instead of a powerfist again. Something I didn't mention in #3, with lightning claws you get to keep your initiative, which against infantry is a big deal, since that could be the difference between two or their guys dying before attacking, or a couple of your guys dying before you attack. I'm not including the points overall though.

    Total points saved: 125. With those points I would take a dreadnaught or something. Maybe tack a Heavy flamer on a regular DN. Also while it doesn't allow for it here (you would have to retool the upgrades on units to get it) I would try and take a second Drop Pod for that Dreadnaught, partially since dropping a DN in on top of people is really fun on the first turn, and partially since you could hold your scoring Sternguards in reserve for at least one turn. Ideally, you would be able to drop the sternies in at a perfectly opportune time later on and provide the surge, either in kills or control points that you would need.

    bleh, this was really long. Sorry. I hope some of this makes sense. Good luck in the tourney, whatever you decide to do.

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