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    1500pts Raven Guard! Need Help

    I will be attending a 1500pts tournament, two weeks from now. Im planning on taking my (in progress) Raven Guard. I have these models available and right now only Shrike is painted (just started this week, a lot painting to be done. Good thing RG color scheme is easy) :

    5 Assault Terminators, 3 TH/SS, 2 LC
    20 Tactical w/ PF, PW sergeant, meltagun
    10 Assault Squad, PW, 2 Flamer
    11 Devastator models, 4 missile launcher, 2 lascannon, 2 plama cannon, 2 heavy bolter, 1 multi-melta
    1 Drop Pod

    So im planning to bring this army list :

    Shrike - 195
    Librarian w/ Epistolary, The Avenger, Gate of Infinity - 150

    5 Assault Terminators, 3 TH/SS, 2 LC - 200

    10 Tactical w/ Powerfist, Lascannon in Drop Pod - 240
    10 Tactical w/ Powerweapon, meltagun, multimelta (goes with librarian for mobile tank killer) - 190

    10 Assault Squad, Powerweapon, 2 flamer - 210

    5 Devastator Squad, 4 Missile launcher - 150

    Totaling 1335

    This should form the basic of my army. Devastator squad weapon is swapable with my other heavy weapon. Now i will need advice to complete this army. Bear in mind that this is a tournament without any composition score or limitation so everything goes. most probable opponents are other space marine, tyranid, chaos space marine, tau, and some random orks, eldar (low probability).

    I need to buy more to round up my army list. What could you think of to give my army a competitive edge? btw, im not loaded so please dont give me three landspeeder option. Im thinking of a predator with full lascannons. Giving me a full 1500pts mark. Is this a good option? Opinions are welcome. Thank You.

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    165 points to me says some form of dreadnaught, or a vindicator and a multimelta attackbike.
    My Deathwatch Campaign
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