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    My 750 point Pure sister force.

    My sisters of battle army

    HQ-Cannoness-Bolter/Flamer-Cosa-MoO-bosl-rosarius-jump pack-lOf-frag grenades=146 points

    Troops-10x2 Battle sisters-2xmeltagun-2xflamer-2xvetran superior-2xBoSL-2xRhino=390points

    Fast Attack-1x5 Seraphim-2xtwin hand flamers -vetran superior-Bosl-Melta bombs= 159 points


    I think i have gone WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY over the top with my cannoness But i cant think of something worth taking that i can take for 100 points, any suggestions?

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    Buy extra armour and smokes for those rhinos - if they get stopped your assault will stall
    -remember that you want to be hitting a full squad of marines (or similar) with two units at the same time or you risk getting tied up by a counter charge.

    Seraphim group is probably too small to make best use of flamers, though with the canoness leading them you might be ok with the faith roll.

    Please use slightly fuller names for your canoness's gear

    You could lighten the canoness's load and add her to the seraphim along with an extra member or two, though be aware of the restriction this places on hit and run.

    It's a bit of a balancing act at 750 though, especially with an expensive seraphim unit.
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