After a good month of trying to squeeze in all the crap I want, I've come to a compromise at 2k.

Command W/ 4 Grenade Launchers, Naval Officer & Chimera - 155

DH Inquisitor W/ 2 Mystics, Hierophant & a Psychic Hood- 60


Vets W/ 3 Meltas & Shotguns - 100

Vets W/ 3 Meltas & Shotguns - 100

Platoon A's - 375
Command W/ 4 Flamers & Chimera
2 Infantry squads W/ Missile Launcher & Grenade Launcher
2 Infantry squads W/ Autocannon & Grenade Launcher

Platoon B's - 345
Command W/ 4 Flamers & Chimera
2 Infantry squads W/ Autocannon & Grenade Launcher
2 Infantry Squads W/ Flamers

Fast Attack

3 Vendettas- 390

Heavy Support

Leman Russ W/ Heavy Flamer

Leman Russ Eradicator W/ Heavy Flamer

Leman Russ Demolisher W/ Heavy Flamer

All Chimeras are armed with Multi-Lasers and Heavy Flamers.

Total- 2000 on the dot.

KP- More than I care for.

The Vets go into one of the three Vendettas and go tank hunting in one of the countless ways you can do it with Vendettas and Melta Vets. The third one is going to hang around the deployment zone and take pot shots and drag infantry squads around when needed.

The Infantry Squads themselves will be divided up amongst the three tanks. The Vanilla Russ will get the two ML/GL squads and the Command Squad, sit in the back and hold the home objective. The Eradicator will get two of the AC/GL squads, a platoon command and go for the mid objective. The Demolisher will get the remaining 4 infantry squads, two AC/GLs and two flamers, the last platoon command and help out the Eradicator with taking the center objective and then run off to take the enemy's home objective.

The Inquisitor is going to either tag along with the demolisher for fun times or hang around where deep strikers are most likely to show up. If the enemy has no deep strikers, they'll tag along with the Demolisher anyway to act as extra bodies and give away cover saves, as I expect the Demolisher platoon to take extensive casualties, being the forwardmost platoon.

In an instance of KP, I'm going to ignore my own losses and focus purely on wiping my foe off the table. To that end, I'm only infantry blobbing my platoons up to twenty man squads; I like having expendable squads. As you can tell, I plan on letting the expendable squads line up in front, followed by much fire after the squad is routed/dies in close combat. It's old school Guard style, but I rather liked that style, so I'll stick with it, even if it's not the most effective.

I'm considering dropping a GL off the command squad and upgrade the Eradicator to another Demolisher.

I'm also considering dropping the two flamer squads and buying two more chimeras, as they're the same price. The Chimeras are probably the better go, but with that much vehicle, the field gets pretty crowded and I usually play in Cityfight or highly urban boards where it's hard to maneuver vehicles.

Comments? Critiques? Suggestions?