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    First WH Army List


    I have created the following 1500pts Army List as my first real attempt. Can someone take a look and let me know what they think? As I said, this is my first real attempt, I have only played one game with WH and proxied everything in from Marines and lost!.

    This list is only 1495pts. I would have found something to make up the 5pts but thought I'd wait until people have pulled it apart....

    -Cloak of St. Aspira
    -Frag Grenades
    -Melta Bombs
    -Bolt Pistol
    -Power Weapon
    -Celestian Retinue (4)
    --Frag & Krak Grenades
    --Veteran Sister Superior
    ---Bolt Pistol
    ---Power Weapon
    --Smoke Launchers
    --Twin Linked Multimelta

    Battle Sisters Squads (x3)
    -Frag & Krak Grenades
    -1 Flamer
    -1 Meltagun
    -Veteran Sister Superior
    --Melta Bombs
    --Bolt Pistol
    --Power Weapon
    --Smoke Launchers

    Seraphim Squad (5)
    -Melta Bombs
    -1 Twin Inferno Pistols
    -Veteran Sister Superior
    --Bolt Pistol
    --Power Weapon

    -Extra Armour
    -Smoke Launchers

    Retributor Squad (5)
    -4 x Heavy Bolters
    -Veteran Sister Superior
    --Frag & Krak Grenades
    --Bolt Pistol
    --Power Weapon


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    You are over equipped - you've spent nearly the cost of an exorcist just on (useless) grenades.

    I expect you'll also be underwhelmed by the performance of str3 power weapons (and sisters in general) in close combat - not really the place for them.

    Try to think about what you want the squads to actually be doing - what do you imagine the seraphim will be facing for instance, or that pimped-out retinue?

    Sisters are not marines - they are not jacks of all trades. You need to have a clear idea what you are going to do with a squad and then push that plan through with conviction.
    Half measures and safety nets like grenades and power weapons are not a sister's friends.

    (oh, and don't forget St. Lucius)

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