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    500point assault blood angels army

    Blood Hawks army list

    Company captain-
    Melta bombs
    Power sword
    Combi melta-gun

    Assault squad-
    Veteran sergeant with melta bombs
    Power sword
    Combat shield 170 pts.

    Tactical squad-
    veteran sergeant with melta bombs

    4 Death Company
    Jump packs 60 pts.

    was just wondering how this army would fare against different opponents because i have only used it against demons, guard and chaos marines. i am using blood angels list

    company captain- is there to give a bit more CC punch to the force and could be used against armour with his melta bombs and combi-melta

    assault squad- charge forwards clearing defences and claiming objectives, can also be used against armour

    tactical squad - there to hold objectives and be with the company captain, could also take down enemy armour

    death company - second offensive unit charge forwards with assault squad, tie up tougher squads so that assault squad can attack weaker squads

    overall tactics: against most armies i deploy the death company and assault squad on one flank and the the tac squad with company captain on the other depending on where the nemies troops are and where the heaviest cover is. The assault orientated squads then rush forwards using cover as much as possible and trying to avoid incoming fire, the tac squad runs forward until they are within bolter range then moves forward firing as they go until they are within rapid fire range (if they are still alive) and then will assault when the time is right, this squads role is mainly to provide a place for my company captain to hide and to hold home objectives and divert enemy fire

    i've only lost one game against demons the rest i have won.

    the next thing to add to this list will be a chaplain, an extra assault squad and possibly more heavy weapons for the tac squad. alternatively i could just convert them to devestators

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    For 500 points, you do have quite a strong assault base, which can be very devastating, personally i always favour twin lightning claws for commanders, I'm not to familiar with the actual blood angels list, but i know death company smash, cept they get owned by harlequins
    if you were to bring the list to 750, i would try adn get a dakka predator in there, and maybe some more assault marines and some special weapons for the tc squad, other then that looks pretty sweet
    thumbs up (Y)

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