Space Marine Librarian
Epistolary, Terminator Armour
Vortex of Doom, Gate of Infinity
= 175


Dreadnought *2
Heavy Flamer

Drop Pod
= 300


Tactical Squad *3
+5 Marines, Meltagun, Plasma Cannon

= 645

Fast Attack

Land Speeder *3
Multi-Melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher
= 300

Heavy Support

Predator *2
Twin-linked Lascannon, Lascannon sponsoons
= 330

Total = 1750

Predators stay back, busting tanks/MCs. Land Speeders help counter fast attack units, then thin down/harrass hordes, and can still close in to melta heavy armour if needed.

Tactical squads will just sit in the rhinos providing anti-MEQ fire with the Plasma Cannons. Meltagun is there to defend against deep striking vehicles.

Dreadnoughts drop pod against artillery and equivalents, or as a distraction that will allow the rest of the army to advance.

The Librarian will hang back with the tactical squads, and can teleport in to use Vortex on stranded TEQs. Or transport tactical squads to claim objectives in the last minute.