Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons 1750 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons 1750

    Ok, so I'm trying to make more use out of Tigerius than I did with my last list since he's such an expensive character.

    Chief Librarian Ahriman(Tigurius) - 230
    3x 10 Tactical Marines - 250[750]
    ---Power Fist
    ---Melta Gun
    ---Plasma Cannon
    ---Drop Pod
    ---Locator Beacon
    8 Sternguard - 245
    ---Lightning Claw
    ---Drop Pod
    ---Locator Beacon
    5 Terminators - 200
    ---Lightning Claws
    ---4 Thunder Hammer + Storm Shield
    ==Fast Attack==
    3x Attack Bikes - 50[150]
    ==Heavy Support==
    2x Predator - 85[170]
    ---Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    TOTAL - 1745

    -Tac squad + either Sternguard(with Tigerius) or another Tac squad pod down first turn and hold out until turn 2.
    -Turn two, the rest of the pods come on (most likely, due to Tigerius' "prescience" special rule.) Terminators will come on if there is something worth going after, or I can try to prevent them from entering (again using prescience.)
    -Tigerius stays with the Sternguard squad, abusing Gate of Infinity thanks to the Locator Beacons on all the pods.
    -Attack Bikes hunt heavy armor
    -Predators sit back and pepper infantry

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