So, I'm trying to get a list together before all my guard are put together. It is basically an all-comers Standard Imperial Guard list using only the rules from the IG Codex, any commetns would be great.

CCS - Medi-pack,Carapace Armor,G.L.(x3)
Commander - Power Fist, Plasma Pistol

Infantry Platoon

IS - GL, Commissar w/Power Weapon
HWT - Las(x2),Missile Launcher

Vet Squad - Melta Bombs, Shotguns,Melta(x2)
Sgt - Power Weapon, Demolition Charge
Chimera w/Hull-Mounted Heavy Flamer

Leman Russ w/Hull-Mounted Heavy Flamer

vs. Shooty army (Tau)
Send my Chimera of death forward to enemy tanks/far off objectives; keep moving until the Vets can hop out and fire at a tank or the Chimera wrecks and the Vets have to walk. Basically these guys will find enemy armor that is hiding from my big guns and take it out
have my PCS and CCS rush with my Combined Infantry Squads to the objective with Move,Move,Move. Guardsmen will help corner mobile armies, being willing to charge into combat to tie up enemy units. PCS and CCS will give the troops orders that will allow them to keep up with enemy movements
The HWT will find a nice hill to fire from while the Leman Russ will Lumbers forward, both will blow up any super mobile/armored threats

vs. Assault Army (Blood Angels)
Send my Chimera with a squad of regulars past the enemy frontlines and take an objective, without engaging. This will either disrupt the enemy advance (as they try to intercept) or give me a powerful unit behind their lines to attack their heavy weapons and take objectives.
Vets will set up to ambush armor while the Commissar with a guard unit will prepare to accept a charge. CCS will counter charge from behind the lines
Leman Russ and HWT will try to find a spot to hide and rain death onto the enemy.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I just copied this thread from the main IG section, just in case anyone is confused seeing the same thread in two places.