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Thread: First 750 pts

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    First 750 pts

    What do you guyz think of the list

    Company Command Squad - 50
    Power Fist - 15
    Regiment Standard - 15
    Vox Caster - 5

    Platoon Command - 30
    Power Weapon - 10
    Vox-caster - 5
    Heavy Flamer - 20
    2X Flamer - 10

    Infantry Squad 1 - 50
    Grenade Launcher -5
    Vox-caster - 5

    Infatry Squad 2 - 50
    Grenade Launcher - 5

    Heavy Weapons Squad - 60
    3x Lascannons - 45

    Veterans - 70
    Grenadiers - 30
    Boltpistol - 2
    2x Melta - 20
    1x Plasmagun - 15

    Fast Attack
    Valkyrie - 100
    Lascannon - 15
    Rocket Pods - 30
    Heavy Bolters - 10

    Armored Sentinel - 55
    Autocannon - 5
    Hunter-killer Missile - 10

    The strat is the Command, Platoon and Sentinels will hold objectives while Valkyrie with Vets will go capture, so far works well in objective based missions but not kill based.

    Infantries are combined so they share one vox

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    Well it's Guard so it's off toa good start I'd remove the individual points costs though. It's against Forum rules and those mods can be aweful grumpy

    I'd loose the regimental standard and the Vox and grab some special weapons for this unit. 4 Grenade Launchers can cause alot of havoc for their low points cost. Vox casters aren't really worth the points and alot of other players have found the same. I think in larger games where you're combining squads they're worht it but for small games i'd spend the points on upgrading some guns.

    The PCS, Powerweapon is a bit of a waste, these guys are no good in combat and should be staying away from it. The heavy flamer is FAR to expensive to be getting for any reason other than Fluff. Take 4 normal Flamers, loose the vox and the Power weapon and thats 25pts saved there. Thats half an Infantry Squad. Infantry Squads are fine Would be good to have some heavy weapons in here just so they can hold back and hold an objective if needed. Autocannons are cheap and reliable.

    HWS, Lascannons are a bit over kill at these points, 3 Autocannons would be enough but if you're looking to go into larger games then keep them. Be careful though as they die very very fast if you don't look after them.

    The Veterans. Gives these guys 3 Meltaguns and a Democharge. They can kill tanks with no effort and if theres no tnaks about a democharge will cause some serious hurt to infantry. I'm Guessing these guys are going in the Valk. If these guys are going tank hunting they really don't need the carapace armour. If that tank lives carapace wont keep them alive.

    Valk, Ditch the Lascannon. He's not a tank killer he's a hoard killer. You've got enough anti-tank with the vets and the HWS so keep this boy pounding troops. You can use these points grabbing some gear for your vets or what have you.

    The armoured sentinel, He might be better off being a scout sentinel instead. With the points saved on the upgrade and some of the wargear you couple probably buy another sentinel.

    All in all it looks like a very good start. However i think you've got to many points spent on upgrades that can be better spent on other things. Those upgrades add up and beleive me you'd be suprised with what you can buy by just taking off a few upgrades.
    Last edited by Lord Borak; July 29th, 2009 at 15:44.

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