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    help for 2000pts ultramarines

    I recently started with ultramarines I wanted a good core of troop choices and HQ
    I also took a fast unit for support and a dread for tank hunting
    here's what I ve got
    Captain: p weapon, m.bombs=120pts
    Librarian: combi-flamer=115pts
    10 tactical marines:flamer m.lancher, serg:ccw b.pistol=170pts
    10 tactical marines:flamer m launcher, serg:ccw p weapon=185pts
    5 tactical marines:serg:2Xp fist=140pts
    5 scouts:ccw+pistol, serg:p weapon=90pts
    5 scouts:bolters, 1h bolter=85pts
    Venerable dread: m melta, dreadnought ccw st bolter=165pts
    Fast attack
    5 assault marines:flamer, serg:m bombs=115pts
    total around 1250pts
    now the only thing i need is some heavy fire power but i m running low on money can someone give me advice whats the best to buy to make this list better but for a low price
    the maximum pts i want is around 2000 pts

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    I'll try for a 1750 point list.

    captain,relic blade,artificer armour=145

    (tactical squad,power fist, flamer, missile launcher,rhino =230 )x3(one of these out of black reach)

    5 scouts, bp+ccw, power weapon=90

    land speeder storm, multi melta =65

    venrable dread, multi melta, dccw with Heavy flamer, drop pod=210

    Ironclad, multi melta, dccw with heavy flamer, drop pod=180

    Normal dread, multi melta, heavy flamer , drop pod, locator beacon (out of black reach)=160

    termie squad(out of black reach) =200

    land raider crusader, multi melta, storm bolter=270

    I tried my best with a rather odd array of units but I've managed to get most of them in the list.I've also included another black reach set to minimize costs.There is also a bit of minor conversion work need but nothing very hard.

    Hope I helped and good luck.
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