1500 Khan Biker Marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Khan Biker Marines

    Khan on Foot
    Captain w/ Relic Blade and Bike - 165
    Command Squad w/ Standard, Comp Champ, and power swords on all - 205
    + Razorback w/ TLAC - 75

    2x Bike Squad w/ 5 Bikes w/ 2 Meltas and Sarge w/ Combi-Melta - 170 ea

    Scout Squad w/ Telion, HB, 3 Sniper Rifles, 5 Shotguns - 200

    Scout Bike Squad Sarge with Combi-Melta, 2 Bikers with Grenades - 100
    Land Speeder Storm w/ AC - 85

    Hvy Sup
    2x Dakka Preds (85 ea)

    Basic setup is Khan with the Command squad, Scout squad combat squad. Snipers find someplace warm to camp, shotties in the Storm. Outflank Khan and the Storm. Preds, at 85 pts, add some volume of fire and make nice distractions and mobile cover. Bikes run around zapping stuff. Shotty scouts for some contesting and Khan's squad to try and tie up anything that looks too nasty in CC for my bikes to take.

    Only thing that really worries me is having only melta guns and 2 ACs for taking on heavier vehicles, thankfully I don't see many in my area that often, but it still worries me a bit.

    Khan is on foot, which I know pretty much negates his hit and run ability, but I like his model. I know this probably isn't the most competitive. Also, kind of trying to show that I can do something other than mount up in transport and blast stuff with Dreds. And I kinda want an excuse to buy a storm, like the model. That's why the Storm is in and I'm using Dakka Preds for fire support over Dreads.

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    Instead of Command Squad you could use a Tactical Squad of 10 with Powerfist, Meltagun and Multi-melta. For 5 points less you get 5 more guys and 2 anti-tank weapons! Khan can still ride with a combat squad of these guys as well.

    Or instead of command squad of a squad of Attack Bikes with Multi-Melta's will help with your tank worries, which will also leave you with 55 pts. to spare. This can let you add 2 more Scout Bikes 1 with Grenade Launcher.

    Hope this helps!

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