my first attempt with IG in the nwe codex (750pts) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    my first attempt with IG in the nwe codex (750pts)

    well here's what i'm thinking of taking

    Company Command SQuad 150 pts
    carapace armor
    master of ordance
    officer of the fleet
    4 sniper rifles

    INfantry Platoon
    4 flamers
    power weapon (officer)
    infantry squad 1
    HB team
    Sniper rifle
    Infantry squad 2
    HB team
    sniper rifle
    Heavy Weapons squad
    3 HB's
    265 pts

    Veteran squad 100pts
    shotguns (all)
    3 melta guns

    Fast attack
    1 scout sentinel
    lascannon 50 pts
    1 scout sentinel
    35 pts

    Heavy Support
    2 Griffons 150pts

    toal: 750 pts exactly


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    Personnally i find snipers to not be all that, especially not in infantry squads. 50% hit chance to have 50% wound chance to usually not ignore the armour save?...

    Next up your only real anti-armor (Not that you need all that much at low point, but just in case. There is a real need of anti-transports tho.) is a footslogging squad of melta vets and a single lascannon Sentinel (50% hit chance, if you like your odds...) ... Melta vets are great but they need a transport of some kind, either a Chimera or a Valkyrie/Vendetta.

    You do have a decent counter charge unit (PCS) and some anti-horde support (the griffons and MoO (it's too inaccurate to be realistic anti-armor)).

    You might be lacking a bit in anti transports, but that might be only me.

    Personnally i prefer the usefulness of Autocannon (longer range as well as transport killing abilities) to heavy bolters, it plentily compensate for losing a shot per gun.

    What i would do over all is : exchange the snipers for grenade launchers (Transport killing + blasts. except maybe the CCS, more flamers wouldn't hurt, but that's only if you drop the MoO.), the squad's HBs for ACs drop the HWT for mortars if you really want one (the blasts will provide sniper's pinning and HBs anti-infantry, for cheaper and with more range.), figure a way to get a barebone chimera in (if you have one that is.), field multi-lasers or Heavy flamers sentinels (the firsts as anti-transport/infantry and the seconds as counter charge, don't squadron them!). and probably trade the Griffons for a Manticore, it's more effective imo, but that's always your choice.

    As always, take and ignore what you will from it.
    Last edited by Lia; August 2nd, 2009 at 06:45.

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    Got to agree with Lia here. Sniper rifles really aren't all that good. For the points you're much better off with G-Launchers. The ability to move and still fire can come in very handy. Plus you can threaten Light vehicles and transports which will cause you some havoc or you can dish out 4 Blast templates against infantry. If you really want sniper rifles grab some ratlings.

    Anyway, the list.

    HQ: Go for G-Launchers over the Snipers. In such a small points game spending 60pts on advisors is a real big investment. The Fleet Officer isn't going to do much. At 750pts you wont be fighting many (if any) armies with reserves. The MoO is inacurate and at these points it's probably best to get some more reliable weapons.
    so......Drop the advisors and the Carapace. Thats 80pts Right there! thats another squad and a lascannon for the other sentinel!!


    Loose the Power weapon. It's a nice touch in larger games but every points counts at the moment. You can spend the points better else where.
    Infantry Squads, swap the S-Rifles for G-Launchers. They'll serve you better.

    Veterans. Being on foot with a 12" range gun isn't a good idea. They'll be dead before they threaten anything. they need a transport. Or just change their wargear to maybe some Plasma. this way they can sit back with the rest of your army and pump out some plasma at the nasty things that come close. You shouldn't be fighting many vehicles in 750pts and the sentinels can manage those guys. If you've got 30pts lying around grab these guys Camo Cloaks. - you could use the points from the HQ to grab these guys a Chimera.


    In small games these guys are awesome. I'd grab 2 with Autocannons though. as before you shouldn't be fighting to many vehicles and when these guys outflank they'll be getting the weaker armour of enemy vehicles. 2 squadrons of 2 should be perfect. Use the points from the HQ to grab the extra sentinels.

    2 Griffons in 750pts? Nasty....

    You've got the makings of a very good list there mate. Just ditch all the Upgrades until you reach the larger games. Some mobility in the lsit wouldn't hurt like chimeras and such but that can wait for 1000pts. Just concentrate on holding 1 objective and then killing everything in the enemy army that tries to hold an obective and you should be fine.

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