750 Pt Inquisitor's Private Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    750 Pt Inquisitor's Private Army

    This list uses Inquisition allies rules as well as Deathwatch Kill-Team rules. The deathwatch rules are not GW official, but a 5th ed updated version of the GW Deathwatch rules.
    Link to DW rules: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...eathwatch.html


    Inquisitor Lord Quintus Wicks - 196 pts
    Hammerhand, Artificier Armor, Power Weapon, Icon of the Just, Stormbolter
    3x Warriors w/ Melta guns

    Deathwatch Kill-Team Infernus - 355 pts
    5 Marines and Captain; Powerfist, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, 2x Suspensor H. Bolters
    Razorback w/ Plas-Las Turret and Extra Armor

    Veteran Squad Delta - 100 pts
    3x Meltas, Shotguns

    Veteran Squad Charlie - 100 pts
    3x Meltas, Shotguns

    Total Points: 751
    Men: 32
    Vehicles: 1
    Squads: 4

    *** I know that I don't have a guard HQ choice and that the Deathwatch are not GW/Tourny legal. This army is only designed for friendly narrative and strike force style games.

    C&C Welcome

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    Ok, nice theme but I'm really not sure how this will work in a game though. Most games/Missions are troop based. You've got 20 Guardsmen who are on foot. All your opponent needs to do is kill these guys and the best you can hope for is a draw.

    Why not swap the INQ lord and his retinue for a Company command squad and say the CCS is the INQ lord? Ok his equipment will change a little bit but it's really not that much.

    CCS: 120pts
    Commander- Power Sword, Carapace
    4 Veterans- 4 Melta Guns, Carapace

    Thats 76pts less that your currents HQ. Ok he's not as hard but trust me INQ lords aren't that great in combat anyway. You could buy these guys a chimera with that.

    Not sure on the rules for these fellas but i'll comment on what i know. At the moment you're making no use of their H-Bolter Suspensors. You can't fire out of a Razorback so you might as well ditch the H-Bolters or turn the Razor Back into a Rhino so the can fire out the top hatch. You've got almost half your army in 6 models (and a tank) here. You could probably do without the Captain at these points and just go with a Vet Seg.

    Also one AV11 vehicle isn;t going to last long. Ditch some gear and grab your Vet squads Chiemras. 3 Chimeras and the Razorback will be hard to handle for your opponent at 750pts.

    These guys are going to NEED a transport to be of any use to you. Running with a 12" ranged gun, you'll be lucky to get anywhere near your opponent. G-Launcehrs can move and fire 24" so you can keep them on foot and still keep firing. But you really need more bodies here or some transports.

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    Hellhounds are good tanks Dakka,Dakka,Dakka's Avatar
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    yea give the deathwatch kill team a cheap hq with a simple power weapon or lightling claw, and keep the heavy bolter suspendors, i would probably drop the auxilery grenade launcher for some nice special rounds

    drop the inquisitor, the only point in taking a daemonhunter inquisitor is to take a assasin(however if you took a sisters inquititor, that might be a different story, they are better at h2h)

    as for IG

    if however you are willing, a ig commander is a great boost to your men with his amazing orders

    as for your troops, i would rather have a platoon then have 2 small vet squads, a platoon can scare someone.
    Hellhounds are good tanks

    Satan - "**** you Kage! And **** you Jables! I'll get you Tenacious DDDDdddddddeeeeee!!!!!!"

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