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    1000pt /w 500pt add on, comments please

    Hey, trying to make a 1000pt army with models I have from an old 2nd edition army, and then develop a 500pt add on for future endeavors. Looking to keep it competative, but does not need to be fully min/maxed. I like "all comers" lists. Please comment!

    1000pt main force

    CCS: Camo, Vox, LasC - 95

    Platoon - 265
    PCS: Vox, GL x3
    Squad #1: GL, LasC, Vox
    Squad #2: GL, LasC
    HWS: Mortar x3

    Platoon - 235
    PCS: Flamer x3, Chimera w/ HF
    Squad #1: GL, AC, Vox
    Squad #2: GL, AC

    Griffon /w HF- 75
    Demolisher /w HF- 165
    Demolisher /w HF- 165

    I'm worried about being able to contest distant objectives. I feel like I could hold most things in or near my deployment zone, but getting distance would be difficult. I'd probably blob my inf squads in most cases, using the Vox to get orders in for BiD and the like. CCS sticks around the Las group, while the PCS /w GLs hangs back as well, helps the other squad run, or blocks a charge. Would likely keep the Chim in reserve. Can I advance the Demolishers alone without having their rear armor get eaten?

    500pt addition

    Vendetta - 130
    Vet Squad: Melta x3 - 100
    Scout Sentinels x3: AC - 120
    Hellhound /w HF - 130

    This kinda changes the character of the army by providing a healthy dose of fast attack, but I like it and it gives me some things I already own as well as a few models to purchase. The addition is actually only 480pts, so I could shave some points elsewhere and add two powerfists or a commissar to the line squads. Or, maybe a mulit-melta on the Hellhound?

    Anyway, looking for comments, any glaring weaknesses with either setup, etc. Thanks.

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