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    How do I create a coherent army out of this?

    Possibly a very nooby question, please be nice.

    I've recently acquired a fairly large mixed quantity of space marines for very little money. My previous 40k experience is limited to a brief fling with the idea of building a dark angels army about 12 years ago, painting a squad of bikes, and giving up. Having acquired this lot for next to nothing, the main obstruction to me playing 40k has been removed (money). Now I'm looking to build an actual army.

    By mixed I mean:

    5 Wolf Guard Terminators with no arms,
    5 Blood Claws,
    5 grey hunters,
    5 Long fangs (many missing their heavy weapon arms),
    one Bjorn the fell handed dreadnought,
    a rhino (sans guns),
    a 5 man generic assault squad,
    a couple of plastic tatctical squads,
    a blood angels chaplain,
    a blood angels brother tycho,
    a blood angels brother corbulo,
    a blood angels 'mephiston, lord of death',
    a blood angels 'dante',
    a scout squad,
    and the entire contents of an Assault on Black Reach box set, which (for those who don't know and can't be arsed looking it up) consists of a Space Marine Captain, 10 Tactical Space Marines, Five Space Marine Terminators, and a Space Marine Dreadnought.

    I'm trying to work out how I can make one coherent, usable army out of these guys with minimal expenditure, while still being rules legal. I'm a reasonably competent painter, but my modelling/modifying skills leave a lot to be desired.

    As I see it my options are:

    a) build a blood angels army, leaving out the space wolves stuff or modifying to make it appropriately blood angelsy. This doesn't appeal that much because I never really liked the fluff associated with the blood angels, and I hate painting that much red.

    b) build a space wolves army, leaving out the blood angels specific stuff or modifying it to make it wolfy. I like the space wolves fluff, but have all these great blood angels special characters which are all incompatible, and it'd be sad to see them go unused.

    c) build a custom chapter army, creating fluff appropriate to the different types of troops I have here, modifying as appropriate. I like this idea the best, but am not sure on how to incorporate all the different troop types into a good coherent set of fluff and crunch.

    d) unsure on the rules legality, but could I build a blood angels army with space wolf allies, or vice versa, and just field both chapters as one army?

    e) I've heard about the deathwatch - could I paint the wolves as 'wolves turned deathwatch' and the angels as 'blood angels turned deathwatch' and maybe mix in a few others, and make a visually deathwatch army, but play them with generic codex space marines rules. Is this viable? I quite like the fluff/colouring of the deathwatch, but understand there are rules complications with actually fielding them, especially since there haven't been any up to date deathwatch rules published in a while.

    f) something else?

    My aim is to create a functional, visually appealing, battle-worthy army out of this lot, with minimal expenditure. I not scared of buying a few extra models to round out a good army list, but would prefer to keep that to a minimum.

    Suggestions? What would you do?

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    If you like the wolves better, you could just sell off the BA special characters. If you like their models, you could give them a custom paint scheme, but you'd have to replace the BA icons with SW icons, which could be a bear on metal models. It would also have to be a different enough paint job so as not to confuse your opponent. A seasoned anti-BA veteran might have trouble remembering what a certain model of yours is SUPPOSED to represent.

    I say no on the custom chapter, as you'd have twice the problem of forcing chapter-specific models into looking more generic, unless you made it a spin-off chapter of the BA or SW, which might make your job a little easier.
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    Well, it looks like you have quite a few models to play around with. You would be able to build a sizeable army any way you go. Being a Space Wolf player, my inital thoughts are biased. (also know that a new SW codex is out in October!)

    But breaking it down, you have some Space Wolf specific models, but quite a few are missing arms. You have some Blood Angel specific characters. And then you have a bunch of codex marine models.

    Without a lot of conversions, these are the models that you would have to ignore initially when starting each of these armies...
    Space Wolves: Blood Angels characters, the Assault Marine squad (doesnt really fit in SW, we'll see with new codex)
    Blood Angels: Wolf Guard Terminators (no arms anyways), (you would be able to use the blood claws and grey hunters with a new coat of paint and adding them to squads)
    Codex Marines: Wolf Guard Terminators (no arms anyways), You would be able to use Long Fangs with Heavy Weapons to supplement your Tac Squad. Some of the Blood Angel Characters you could use. They would work as generic HQ

    So after that, I think easiest would be to start you army as a codex army. If you like Space Wolves, you could paint your army that color. By the time the new codex comes out, you will have quite a few models put together and you can look at seeing what you need to do to go all space wolves.
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    This belongs in the army list section. Even WIP threads concerning armies are posted in the army list section

    *thread punted with magical rabbit's foot*
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