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    2000 points Tournament

    Here is a list that I am thinking about taking.

    GM 145/SI,GoTN,IotJ+6 GKT retinue,1TH/SS 466 pts.

    ISTX8/ 2 plasma guns 100 pts.
    ISTX8/ 2 melta guns rhino,EA 155 pts.
    PAGK Justicar/+9 275 pts.
    PAGK Justicar/+9 275 pts.

    Inquisitor with psycannon,auspex 52 pts.
    2 HB servitior 50 pts.
    1 Sage 10 pts.
    1 Mystic 6 pts.
    Eversor Assassin 95 pts.

    Heavy Support
    GK Greadniught with TLLC/ML,EA 145 pts.
    GK Dreadnought with TLLC/ML,EA 145 pts.

    Total 1774

    I know it needs more but am not sure on what. I would like more GK. I know that group that I will be playing against has SM,Cons,Orks, and CSM. Other than that not sure what else. Right off the top I only have 1 LRC and NO LR's.

    Disregard this list. I miss read the point total for the tournament. Isa 1500 point tournament. Well back to the drawing board.

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