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    2000 point firing line

    I made this list to be fairly heavy with big guns on lightly armored vehicles. This way, should a vehicle get popped there are more than enough to take their place.

    HQ - 645
    Pedro Kantor
    Honor Guard x5
    Grey Knight Terminators (Brother Captain, 4x GKTs, Incinerator, Psychic hood, needle gun add on to Brother Captain)

    Elites - 395
    10x Sternguard
    Dreadnaught (w/ TL-Lascannon and Heavy Flamer)

    Troops - 390
    10 man tactical squad, lascannon, powerfist
    10 man tactical squad, lascannon, melta bombs

    Fast Attack-270
    3 Landspeeders (all w/ typhoon missile launchers)

    Dedicated Transports-300
    Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannon
    Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannon
    Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannon
    Razorback w/ TL-Assault Cannon

    Sternguards get 2 of the razorbacks, Pedro and honor guard get the 3rd, and the fourth stays back as mobile cover/ gun platform. Sternguards are scoring, which helps to fix some of the issues with # of scoring units.

    I used a lot of TL-Assault cannons because of their intense infantry killing capability, mixed with their ability to destroy weaker vehicles (and in a pinch, anything due to rending).

    I would like to hear what people think of the list, whether it will be viable in games, as well as in tournament competition. Thanks in advance.

    Update: Whoops, I meant a heavy flamer for the dreadnaught, not a heavy bolter. Thanks for the advice and the catch xanosaucy.

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    I think you meant Dreadnought w/TL Lascannon and Missle Launcher or Autocannon. The Heavy Bolter and Lascannon both go in the same arm so you can't have them both. I would go with Missle Launcher as it gives you options to go after hordes. Don't forget to add the Flamers on your Tacticals! Maybe instead of the Combi-Flamer on your 1 Sternguard add Melta-bombs on the Sgt. w/o a Powerfist, the Sternguard are good enough against infantry and this gives your Sgt. an option to tank bust with his Combat Squad! Good list though good luck!

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