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    1000pts lists for casual play

    This list is actually an extension from my previous 750pts list with some modifications

    Company Commander (92)
    Bolt Pistol + Power Weapon
    2 Grenade Launcher
    1 Regimental Standard

    Platoon Commander (67)
    2 Flamer
    1 Heavy Flamer
    1 Vox

    Infantry Squad 1 (60)
    1 Grenade Launcher
    1 Vox

    Infantry Squad 2 (60)
    1 Grenade Launcher

    Heavy Weapons Squad
    3 X Lascannon (105)
    3 X Autocannon (75)

    Veterans (130)
    3 X Meltaguns

    Dedicated Transport (55)
    Chimera (Multi Laser + Heavy Bolter)

    Fast Attack:-
    Valkyrie (155)
    2 Rocket Pods
    2 Heavy Bolters

    Heavy Support:-
    Leman Russ Battle Tank (185)
    Sponson HB

    The strat is almost similar to my previous 750pts instead of using armored sentinels, the defense is added with a Leman Russ Battle Tank. The PCS will hang back in the Chimera while the CCS will have to find some cover and a high ground to issue orders on the heavy weapons squad for Bring it Down or FRFSRF, PCS can do FRFSRF too from the Chimera if the enemy gets really close for lasgun action.

    Vets will be in the valkyrie probably use scout move to advance a bit if there are objectives laying around. Otherwise can go troop hunting.

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    My advice would be to drop the heavy bolters on the valkyrie, as you will usually be moving to fast to use them, as well as the vox system, as it will be pretty much useless on a single platoon command squad and only one infantry squad, and finaly the heavy flamer, its simply too expensive for what it does.

    With the points you can replace the heavy flamer with two flamers, and buy a minimal squsd of three ratlings or whatever else you like.
    Ask me about the Black and White Space Marine on the Black and White Bike!!!

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    Ok then!

    The Gear on the Commander is a nice touch but really isn't needed. If you're going to give your Commander a close combat weapon make it a powerfist as then you'll at least have a chance of wounding something.

    Loose the H-Flamer from the PCS. It's far to expensive for what it is. Use those points to grab 2 more flamers. Loose the Boltgun on the Commander as well. Again, like the CCS, It's a nice touch but it really if you've got poiints left over.

    Loose the Vox Network too. It really doesn't acheive much and beleive me, those points add up.

    Veterans. It seems these 'Melta Vets' are in every armylist now. Not that thats a bad thing of course Demolitions is a nice touch too. Any Drop podding Dreadnaught is going to regret dropping near these guys. One thing i would change though. Swap over the H-Bolter on the Chimera to a H-Flamers. These guys will be constantly on the move so you wont be able to fire two guns anyway. the H-Flamer will be useful when you get up close.

    The Valk, On it's own is one hell of a Target. I'd only really take them in pairs. Such a large model it will attract un wanted attention and die very quickly. It is dirty for the points though. I'd mount the PCS in here so you've got a nasty little anti-hoard suicide unit. Plus if the Valk is still alive at the end of the game it can Zoom somewhere and claim an objective (The PCS is scoring)
    Just as a point, you could grab (almost) 3 Chimeras for the same cost as this guy. 3 Chimeras will be harder to take down and they still throw out a hell of alot of fire power. 3 Heavy Bolters and 3 Multilasers. Quite nasty for those points. You can buy them for your PCS and your Infantry squads as cheap pill boxes. Or give them Multilaser/H-Flamer and play aggresively with the troops mounted up.

    If you haven't built this yet, don't bother with the Lascannon. The Russ is the Infantry killer so keep him killing Infantry. Give him a Hull H-Bolter or a H-Flamer. Keep this guy cheap and use the points to beef up some other stuff. Personally i'd take a Demolisher in a list like this. You've got lots of hoard killing and the Demolishers S10 AP2 is just handy if anyone decides to bring Terminators or Land Raiders. Plus it can still kill hoards.
    Demolishers tend to scare people more than Normal Russ's and this may keep the fire off the Valk for a while at least.

    You're a bit low on bodies really. 20 Guardsmen running at the enemy isn't going to do much apart from them dying squickly. I'd grab either some heavy weapons for these guys and hold them back or get another Infantry squad for them. I wouldn;t blob them either. Making multiple units into one big unit just means they can be killed easier by your opponent.

    Dropping the Sponsons&Lascannon on the Russ, The H-Flamer on the PCS is a whole other Infantry squad with G-Launcher to run at some objectives.
    Last edited by Lord Borak; August 10th, 2009 at 18:53.

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