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    1250 Tourny List

    Howdy everyone,
    So here's the scenario my local game shop is hosting a 40k leauge
    the basics of it are, it begins September 1st and lasts for 3 months of games that add to a statistics sheet for each player. At the end of the 3 months the actual tournament is held with prizes etc etc etc.

    RULES/ Limitations :
    Army must be 1250p size.
    Army must be entirely painted atleast 3 colors.
    Army may only take 1 of each force org slot (1 HQ , 1 elite etc etc)
    However you may have 6 troop choices at maximum.

    So Ive been working out numbers and strategies and i've come about to a
    1230/1250 list of the 812th mechanized Guard.

    My list -----------
    HQ -
    CSS -med pack , flamer , chimera , carapace armor -165p

    Heavy Support -
    3 Leman russ Demolishers , Yes 3 of them, Smoke launchers searchlights and the cheap bolter on the hull NO SPOUNSONS
    - 495p

    Troops -
    Veterans , vox , flamer , lascannon , chimera 155p

    Veterans , vox , flamer , lascannon , chimera 155p

    Veterans , vox , flamer , lascannon , chimera 155p
    (All are full squads minus the models needed for a weps team)

    Elites -
    Stormtroopers x5 - 85
    2 melta guns - 20
    105p -

    1230 (If i did my math correctly)

    Questions id like answers / critisism on -------------
    1. What should i spend these last 20 points on?
    2. Are 3 russes to much

    In conclusion im feeling really confident that i can use the flamers and lascannons of the mobile infantry to keep them realtivly usefull and safe. While the Russes blast away with 3 str 10 Ap 2 ordance template weapons.

    I am howvever worried that with only 30 troops on 5+ saves ill lose my army under concentrated firepower in very few turns

    Comments / suggestions?

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    Hmmm, I think the Demolishers are a little overkill. I can definitely see why you'd pick them, to abuse that 1 FOC slot, but I think 3 artillery pieces would be better. With the Barrage rule, you can optimise template placement around the hit to get as many wounds as possible, whereas with three non-barrage weapons it's all a bit... (if you'll excuse the pun) hit and miss.

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