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    1000 SM all comers list

    Here's my club 1k points list with some tactics. Let me know what you think.

    Librarian - 130pts
    Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter & Force Weapon
    Gate of Infinity and Null Zone

    Dreadnought - 150pts
    Multi-Melta & Close Combat Weapon with Heavy Flamer
    Drop Pod

    Dreadnought - 160pts
    Multi-Melta & Close Combat Weapon with Heavy Flamer
    Drop Pod w. Locator Beacon

    Tactical Squad A - 215pts
    7 Bolters, 1 Multi Melta, 1 Flamer, Sgt w. Bolt Pistol & Chainsword.
    Drop Pod w. Locator Beacon

    Tactical Squad B - 260pts
    7 Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher, 1 Plasma Gun Sgt w. Power Fist
    Razorback w. Extra Armour & Heavy Bolters

    Heavy Support
    Predator - 85pts
    Auto Cannon with Heavy Bolters

    Total - 1000pts

    Libby attaches to Tac Squad A who do not deploy via their drop pod, it is held empty in reserve.

    Tac Squad B Combat Squads, Sgt and Plasma Gun are in the Razorback and the ML group sit at the back.

    Both Dreads drop in turn 1 and the one with the beacon is the target for the Libby Tac Squad early in the game.

    The Empty pod in reserve is dropped later and can be dropped tactically to alow the libby squad to gate to it should that look a good plan.

    The Pred is a mobile fire support unit.

    I figure that the Librarian is going to be in melee the turn after he's gated so will need a support skill rather than an offensive one.

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    I like it. It could work for you. Just my opinion, but I would toss the extra armor on the transport for an assaualt cannon on one of the dreads. Like I said though thats just my taste.

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