This is a list that I consider it balanced between men and machines......

HQ - 110
Company Commander
3x Plasma Gun

Elites - 65
Guardsman Marbo

Troops - 720
Infantry Platoon
Platoon Commander
3 Flamer

Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher

Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher

Heavy Weapons Squad
3x Lascannon

Heavy Weapon Squad
3x Autocannon

3 Meltagun

3 Meltagun

3 Plasma gun

Dedicated Transport - 220
4x Chimera w/ Multilaser and Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support - 585
In separate squadrons:
Battle Tank w/ Hull Lascannon and Sponson HB
Executioner w/ Hull HB and Sponson Plasma
Vanquisher w/ Hull Lascannon, upgrade with Knight Commander Pask, no sponson

And it's 1750 pts sharp.

Since only 4 Chimeras, 3 for the vets one more for the CCS. Veterans in Chimera will move in for their specific purpose (e.g. Melta for tank hunting, plasma for troop esp. termie hunting). As for the tanks, the executioner is a good troop/horde killer while pask in Vanquisher is a good tank killer (esp. land raiders), battle tank is a balance between both. Infantry squads will hold the line until it's clear then start the foot slogging madness to charge in.......

I wonder what would others think of this list