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    1000 points for small tournament

    Hi everybody

    I'm going to play in a small tournament this Sunday, an I have to put together a 1000 points list of pure DH. However there is a special condition: I'm not at home and I have a highly constrained selection of painted miniatures to play with (the ones which I travelled with). The tournament is pretty strict about miniatures (only HQ and characters can somewhat "bend" the WYSWYG with "counts as"). Also minor details as smoke launchers, grenades, pistols and such can be simulated with "counts as". Here is the miniature stock I have to produce the list:


    3 Justicars
    16 PAGK with NFW/SB
    2 PAGK with Psycannon

    1 Veteran IST
    7 IST with hellgun
    3 IST with plasmaguns (They can also be used as warrior retinue members for an inquisitor)

    Heavy Support

    1 GK Dreadnought with TLLC/ML
    1 GK Dreadnought with AC/DCCW

    Elite/HQ (I group these together because the miniatures can represent both)

    1 Inquisitor (can be used as Lord) with a bizarre weapon (may count as Psycannon or combiweapon)
    4 Random henchmen (can be mystics and/or sages)
    3 Heavy Bolter Gunservitors
    1 Plasma Cannon Gunservitor

    1 GK BC (can be used as GM) with NFW/SB (may count as NFWPpsycannon)
    5 GKT with NFW/SB
    1 GKT with TH/SS
    1 GKT with NFW/Psycannon


    1 Chimera with turret Multilaser and hull HB.

    There is also the possibility of allying a squad of Seraphim (miniatures: 6 regular seraphim, 2 TL inferno pistol seraphim and a veteran SS with power weapon and bolt pistol).

    The list I have put together so far is the following:


    BC with NFW/Psycannon + Retinue:
    1 GKT with NFW/SB
    1 GKT with NFW/Psycannon
    1 GKT with TH/SS (is this worth it at 1000 pts.)
    254 pts.


    Inquisitor + Retinue
    3 Veteran Guardsman with Plasmagun
    1 Mystic
    86 pts


    7 PAKG + Justicar
    225 pts

    7 PAKG + Justicar
    225 pts

    Heavy Support

    1 GK Dreadnought with TLLC/ML

    1 GK Dreadnought with AC/DCCW

    That´s a grand total 1040 pts. So I´m exceeding the limit by 40 pts. There is the option of taking one GK Dreadnought out (the AC/DCCW one) and "upgrading" the inquisitor with a chimera with ML turret and hull HB.

    I know 5th edition rules favor heavy mechanized. In that case I should favor some antitank. However I have never played such small points game with 5th so I don't know what to expect. The mech trend continues at 1000 points? Number6 what do you have to say about that?

    Thanks in advance!

    Tiny evil bats whisper on my ear!!!!

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    You might as well change out the AC/DCCW dread. Our AC is pretty much useless as it doesn't rend. Get either the chimera or 2 more GKT's.

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