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    Imperial Fists 1000pts army

    Lysander- 200pts

    Tactical squad with meltagun, missle launcher and Srg with PF and storm bolter- 210pts

    Rhino with extra armour- 50pts

    Tactical squad with meltagun, missle launcher and Srg with PF and storm bolter- 210pts

    Rhino with extra armour- 50pts

    Land Raider Crusader with extra armour and multi melta- 275pts

    Total 995pts

    This is the list a friend of mine has been using lately and he was wondering how he could improve it and expand it so I thought I would ask the members here.

    Lets go massacre something

    I am a sexy shoeless god of war!

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    Lysander is a last man standing, really hard to take down. But apart from that you will have to make good use of his other abilities (that is bolter drill and fortify) to make him worth his points. I don't know your friend's tactics, but he can't take Darnath in the Rhino (unless with a combat squad, but that's wasting potential too), so where does he put him anyways? In the Land Raider with a full tactical squad leaving one Rhino empty?

    Re-rolling failed bolter hits is worth most with Sternguard. Since Sternguard is an awesome unit by itself it would make a perfect expansion. He could transport them half-way up the battle-field with the Crusader, then disembark and shoot down anything within range.
    Scouts on the other hand profit most from fortifications. Put them in the fortified ruin and make them as tough as tactical marines - even against heavy weapons! The hellfire ammo on their heavy bolter is a nasty thing and copes a little for their low BS, pinning sniper rifles can make your day too (though they can also suck pretty hard - depending on what you face). If you like you can even add Telion and take out any annoying squad leaders or special weapon models rendering whole squads ineffective with a single casualty.
    Pedro could be a helpful second HQ with the Sternguard, just in case your friend plans on taking a second character. Though a Librarian may be more helpful if he faces a lot of psychic enemies.
    Though all his units are somehow mechanized this list still is rather slow. Some bikes or landspeeders would add a whole new dimension. Especially some fast melta weapons couldn't hurt since he is a little low on anti-tank (or has to go real close-up for his anti-tank to be effective which can be done faster with attack bikes or speeders).
    If he combat squads the tacticals anyhow and leaves the missile launchers sitting back he could - for one - change the Rhinos to Razorbacks (the points for one such conversion still fit in with the 1000 points frame) and he could also change the missile launchers to lascannons.
    If he opts against Sternguard and would rather go assaulty then -apart from bike and assault squads- some Terminators would make that Crusader a lot more terrifying.
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