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    Super Fluffy and Competative Utramarines!

    I came up with this one and this one I ave everything to play it right away. I've got to ask what you think of it, because to me, on paper, it looks super solid. I've kinda decided I'm going to use Marneus Calgar to represent all the special characters. like, this list uses Vulcan, but I'll use the Calgar model, I have the older one in Power Armour. I don't think it's a far stretch, the twIn fists are the s6 power weapon attacks, and the little storm bolters on each side are the twin linked heavy flamer. Sound OK?

    Here goes, here is 1850, I have to move on from basecoating to picking a company, which co. do you think this list best represents? Thanks much.

    Vulcan 190

    Full Tactical Squad - Teleport Homer, Combi-melta, flamer, multi-melta 195

    Twin-Lascannon Razorback 75

    Full Scout Squad - Power Fist, Heavy Bolter, 5 Sniper Rifles 175

    Full Sternguard - Power Fist, Combi-melta 280

    Rhino 35

    Dreadnought - Assault Cannon 115

    Assault Terminators - All Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield 200

    Assault Squad - Power Fist, 2 Plasma Pistols 155

    Vanguard Veterans - Relic Blade, Power Fist, Pair of Lightning Claws 245

    Predator - Heavy Bolter Sponsons 85

    Thunderfire Cannon 100

    Armies: Ultramarines 2nd Co.
    (coming soon) Wood Elves for my final army.

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    That Which Has No Time Red Archer's Avatar
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    Hey there,

    as for using Calgar to represent Vulkan: I wouldn't mind if I were your opponent as long as you told me.
    (My friends and I tend to experiment quite a lot, and since we cannot possibly buy any variation of every existing model we do "counts as" quite a lot. And though the converters and painters and collectors would think it's a shame, me as a tactician (and rather crappy painter), I don't care for those things.)

    As for the list: I do recommend some changes.

    HQ: Vulkan is quite a guy, but you only have a single flamer, a single multi-melta and two one-shot-combi-meltas that can profit from his special ability. That's practically wasting points. Maybe you should reconsider.
    I can recommend Kantor in this case: the Calgar model suits him better than Vulkan, he is cheaper than Vulkan, he comes with free orbital strike, he can really boost your close combat potential (if you keep him close to the Terminators, for example) and he makes your Sternguard scoring. Since you have only 4 small scoring units in 1850 points that would be a great gift.
    But other characters will do too. Just reconsider Vulkan as you are wasting his ability in this list.

    Tac squad: so you've got a Razorback to transport them. It can take only a combat squad though. Problem is: the flamer and combi-melta need to get upfront to be effective. But the multi-melta needs close range too in order to pop something. You're in quite a misery there (because you have to leave behind stuff that won't be any good when left behind). I recommend switching to a missile launcher or something. That squad needs a powerfist by the way.
    The teleport homer in this squad is the only one you have. That makes your Terminators very predictable and very dependable. Rethink that.

    Scout squad: you will probably want to combat squad here. But the heavy bolter is rather lost in the powerfist squad and would fit in better with the sniper rifles. So why not make it four rifles instead of five and pool them with the heavy bolter.

    Sternguard: a single combi-melta isn't very reliable. Vulkan makes it better but not quite enough. Maybe put in a second one or at least a combi-plasma (that can pop tanks but also pop Terminators or other 2+ save models too).

    Dread: your army is mechanized, the dreadnought is foot-slogging. It's wasting a lot of its potential there! You should buy a drop pod for it, maybe.

    Termis: you're deep-striking them. That's okay with homers, I guess. But remember that you only have one such thing yet. If you take the drop pod for the dreadnought you could put a locater beacon on there, that would already be two possible target locations to teleport to (and would make heroic intervention possible for your Vanguard without scatter). Then hand another homer to your Scouts' or your Sternguards' Sergeant and there you go...

    Assault marines: sometimes the plasma pistols are worth it. But they cost a lot and most often are overkill. I would dump them.

    Vanguard: quite expensive there! Since you haven't yet got anything that counters their scatter you will have to field them from turn 1 or take a grand risk. For the price of those five marines who will be shot down rather quickly you could have a Land Raider! This squad is too costy and too vulnerable for my taste.
    Why not buy another powerfisted normal assault squad instead and save the extra points for something else?

    Predator: one Razorback, one Rhino, one Predator at 1850 points. Probably a lot of anti-tank on the other side of the battle-field that will shoot your tanks rather quickly. Either field some more tanks (for example a Land Raider instead of your Vanguard, it could transport your Terminators so you can forget about all the homers and reserve rolls but instead deal reliable death from turn 2 and not turn 3 or later... or maybe field a Vindicator instead, etc) or -since your Pred is only anti-infantry anyhow- just try to get your bolters somehow else. How about two attack bikes?

    Thunderfire cannon: I don't know about that one. It needs really good cover, and even then it's killed so very very quickly. I liked it for the damage it can deal, but it seems a little lost in your list.

    As for fluff I would recommend adding another tactical squad. They are the working horse of Space Marine chapters, especially so with the Ultramarines. I think Ultramarines can't be fluffy without only a single tactical squad - especially at 1850 points!

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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    HQ: good

    Elites: Sternguard may do better in a drop pod. Then they can combat squad on arrival and use a mix of combimeltas and combiflamers to kill appropiate targets. Dread is ok but I prefer MM+HF if vulkan is arround. Termies are great.

    Troops: You need more than 10 tac and 10 scouts in 1850 point lists. To claim objectives the enemy knows what he has to do to win and killing 20 chaps is not beyond 1850 points of anything. Personally I would drop the starnguard for another tac squad or maybe two. Scouts should take 4 sniper rifles and a HB and the other 5 can take 4bp/ccw and 1 shotgun/PF. Combat squad them and outflank or scout move the combat orientated unit. Have you thought about a LSS with HF for them?

    Fast: Can you take 2 plasma pistols with only 5 marines? Anyway I would drop PPs for flamers and upgrade the PF to a TH for the master crafted. Vanguards are poor for the points. Would you rather have 5 with +1 attack or 10 normal assault marines with twice as many attacks (and wounds!)

    Heavy: Thunderfire is good for the reinforce cover especially if the 5 sniper scouts have cloaks too. Pred is cheap & cheerful. If you can afford it take AC+2LC for a good all round tank.
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