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    2500 Vulkan list - Burn Baby Burn!

    I find that I am becoming quite the pyromaniac in 40k, and this list was inspired by my own Grey Knights w/Incinerators/Land Raiders list. Let me know what you guys think? Competitive or just a gimmicky list?

    HQ - 390


    ELITE - 820
    7x TH/SS termies - 280
    Land Raider Crusader - multi-melta - 260 (Vulkan + termies)

    9x Sternguards - 2x heavy flamers, 2x combi-meltas, Powerfist - 280

    TROOPS - 470
    5x scouts - BP+CCW - 75

    7x scouts + Telion - 7x camo cloaks, missile launcher, snipers - 195 (will stay in ruins bolstered by Lysander for 2+ cover save)

    6x Grey Knight allies - 2x incinerators, meltabombs - 200

    FAST ATTACK - 205
    Land Speeder Storm - multi-melta - 65 (scouts)

    Land Speeders - heavy flamer, multi-melta - 70

    Land Speeders - heavy flamer, multi-melta - 70

    HEAVY - 615
    Land Raider - 250 (Grey Knights)

    Land Raider Redeemer - multi-melta - 250 (Lysander + sterns)

    Vindicator - 115

    TOTAL - 2500pts

    My general strategy would be to rush everything forwards, with the LR+grey knights moving 6" so they can fire both TLLC's. I'll keep the LSStorm + 5 scouts in reserves for late-game-objectives grab.

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    This list has one hell of a punch in my opinion and would be a great to play with or against. With all the meltas, heavy flamers and thunderhammers you're definitely utilizing Vulkans strengths well. And adding Lysander to the mix adds a little extra nastiness.

    I'm not sure how competetive it'd be with the troops you have, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. You are definitely playing them to their strengths. With everything else in your army I think your opponent will have a lot of other things to worry about.
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