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    1000 pts Mechanised and Air Cav

    I have a 1000pts game coming up against a friend who will probably either be bringing his own Guard or Eldar. If Guard, I'd expect him to play a fairly static gunline; if Eldar I'm expecting Aspect Warriors with a possible Wraithlord. I plan to surprise him by being more mobile than whatever he brings.

    Lord Commissar (70 pts)

    2 Veteran Squads with 3 meltas each (200 pts)
    2 Veteran Squads with 2 flamers each (160 pts)
    1 Veteran Squad with 3 flamers and 6 shotguns (85 pts)

    Dedicated Transports
    4 Chimeras: 3 Multilaser/Heavy Bolter, 1 Multilaser/Heavy Flamer (220 pts)

    Fast Attack
    Valkyrie with Multilaser and Multiple Rocket Pods (130 pts)
    Vendetta with 3x TL Lascannon (130 pts)

    Total: 995 pts

    The obvious place to spend 5 more points is on another flamer, but before I do, have I missed anything obvious? Alternatively, should I drop one melta from each squad and put the points somewhere else? I don't know how much heavy armour I'm likely to face in a 1000pt game.

    The plan, FWIW, is for the commissar to deploy with the shotgun squad, from reserve, outflanking in the Valk. Chimeras pepper-pot forwards, with lead elements popping smoke as they go. Flamers and meltas will cheerily fire from top hatches.

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    Very interesting list, mate. If your opponent has gun-line Guard then he will get shot up pretty badly, but that also hurts you with only AV12 vehicles. Grenade Launchers, Autocannons, Lascannons, Plasma and Melta, Missile Launchers, a russ or 3 could be waiting for you. However, the popping smoke and cover saves should work to get you close, and then its first charge with flamers for the win. Using a flanking Valk with the Commissar lord and shotgun toting vets should hurt either enemy army, but can you count on them to arrive when you want them? For 100pts, you have excellent heavy hitting power in the vendetta and meltas, and mobility and so you should be able to win any game.

    For the Eldar, I can only offer the advice of killing off the pyshic power character HQ guy first. Every Eldar player has one, and they are right royal pains in the arse. Then disrupt his battle lines and spread his forces. Eldar fight together, or not at all.

    Bloody good list mate!
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