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    cheesy 1,500 point list

    captain epathus on bike (using rules for kor'khan) =205

    command squad
    veteran with lightning claw, storm shield and melta bombs x2 =330
    veteran with thunder hammer and melta bombs
    company champion

    vindicator x3 (345)

    tacticle marines x10 =175
    missle launcher

    tacticle marines x10 =185

    scouts x5
    sniper rifles x4 =8
    heavy bolter

    scouts x10
    shotgun x4
    ccw and bp x5
    serg with power fist and combi-flamer =175

    total =1500
    general idea to this list is for the vindicators to hog cover to get obscured while epathus and his ubber camand squad wil likely outflanks along with the ccb scouts and maybe a few squads of tacticle marines depending on the mission and opponent facing ect...
    alternativly i could replace the command squad and epathus with chaplian cassius and a 10 man termie squad with two heavy flamers and one chainfist and taking away the plasmacanno from tacticle squad 2 and replacing it with a heavy bolter.

    comments would be greatly apreciated whatever the response

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    A few pointers. Flanking with your bike mounted Command Squad is a good idea, but the Tactical Squads will not be able to provide any real aid without transports. The Command Squad is powerful, but one shot from a large blast weapon with decent S and AP and you could lose the entire squad. By dropping the Command Squad you might be able to fit in 2 regular Bike Squads.

    3 Vindicators is a bit much. Consider dropping one for some transports or a Predator.
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