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    Need Help for Tournament Please!

    This is going to be my first tournament with space marines. It's a 1850 point format using standard rules. We will roll for the mission and everyone in the tournament will run it. I have 60 dollars to buy new units and the following models.

    1x Vulkan

    1x Libarian

    3x Chapter leaders or other (Modeled with power swords and bolt pistol)

    33 marines. 27 with bolters, 3 with Flamers, and 3 with missile launchers.

    16x Terminators modeled with Storm bolters and power fists.

    2x Rhinos with a single storm bolter

    2x Razorbacks with Heavy Bolter turret

    1x Predator with Autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons

    1x Predator with Lazcannon and Lazcoon sponsons

    1x Whirlwind

    Please help me make a tournament list. I am currently painting them and dying to play a list that I don't lose. I like armor and it seems to be my downfall. Thank you all for the help. I am going to give Rep to good posters as this is a big help to me.

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    Hey, to start off I can see why armor can be a problem most of your units are geared to take on hordeish armies. Buying a Land Raider can go a long way as your Terminators definitley need a transport and their Lascannon's can add to armor destruction. And convert the all Lascannon Predator into Atuocannon w/Lascannon sponsons. It's alot cheaper and just as effective. So you list should be something like:

    Chaplain buy one for your Terminators in the Land Raider. He will be very useful to them. The one with the Powerfist should be fine.
    115 points

    3x10 Tactical Squads Melta-Gun's and the Sgt's Power Fists. They are really effective this way. Keep the Missle Launcher's. Give 1 Sgt. a Teleport Homer, explained later.
    615 points

    2 Razorback

    1 Rhino
    Put the Maximum 10 guys in here rush them towards the objectives or deadly units. The Sgt. with the Teleport Homer should be in here as the Terminators who are deep striking should be following these troops.
    35 points

    5 Terminators get them an Assault Cannon to thin the lines as they assault unit's. and put these in the Land Raider.
    230 points

    5 Terminators These can carry a Cyclone Missle Launcher as these will be deep striking the missle launchers can clear up some room quickly!
    230 points

    Land Raider to carry the Terminators around, remember you can assault disembarking from this thing. Don't be afraid to move 12" you can still fire a weapon and your Terminators need to get up close.
    250 points

    85 points

    Predator with Autocannon/Lascannons
    120 points

    Predator with Autocannon/Heavy Bolters
    85 points

    This list is 1845 points and is a solid choice based on what you have and what you can get.

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    It's a shame you don't have Drop Pods, a Drop Pod list is a very strong way to run SM, especially with Vulkan.

    I'd go Mech Strike Force. Predators are pretty awful when you consider they have to stay still to shoot everything, that's their downfall. I totally agree on buying a Land Raider.

    Xenos list is good based on what you have. It will have some problems but it's the models you have so not much we can do about that. If you buy more down the road, buy more Rhinos or Razorbacks and play an armored list. You can have 1-2 Land Raiders up front, taking hits that would wreck your Rhinos. Than you just play it a bit like SoB, use the Rhinos to block firing and assault lanes, and Bolter things down. Your Termies can take on MCs and stuff that'd gobble up your Marines.

    Good luck.
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