The idea is that straken works with the troops and the grey knights to give everyone furious charge and annoy the hell out of assault armies that get too close, i am moving into a daemonhunters/guard hybrid army and have just got my hands on a squad of 5 grey knights, wondering what everyone thinks.

my platoon will get their first and second/third turns of shooting before springing to action with straken. my veteran squad sits on an objective and wont get shot off easily with the forward sentries doctrine, lays down firepower.

Company Command Squad
5 Unit Members @ 200 points
Including: Colonel Straken
Dedicated Transport: Chimera

Infantry Platoon
45 Unit Members @ 315 points
Including: Squad I (10), Squad II (10), Squad III (10), Squad IV (10)
Heavy Weapons: Autocannon (3), Missile Launcher (2)
Special Weapons: Nade Launcher (2), Plasma Gun

Veteran Squad
10 Unit Members @ 150 points
Options: Forward Sentries
Heavy Weapons: Lascannon
Special Weapons: Plasma Gun (2)

Grey Knight Squad
5 Unit Members @ 150 points
Including: Justicar

Storm Troopers
10 Unit Members @ 175 points
Special Weapons: Flamer, Nade Launcher

1 Unit Members @ 140 points
Options: Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ MBT
1 Unit Members @ 190 points
Options: Plasma Cannon Sponsons

Leman Russ Demolisher
1 Unit Members @ 180 points
Options: Lascannon

Comments, Criticisms welcome...