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    Help needed with 1500pt newbie list

    Hi folks,
    I'm a 40k fan returning to the game after a massive 9 year break. I want to continue where I left off with an Ultramarine force and would really appreciate any and all help tweaking or re-writing the following list I compiled with after glancing through the codex. Initially, I am aiming for a 1500pt force.

    HQ - Librarian; Term. Armour, Storm Bolter, Gate of Infinity and Null Zone (130)
    - Chaplain; Jump Pack (115)

    Troops - Tactical Squad; 10 men, Flamer, Power Fist, Rhino (235)
    - Tactical Squad; 10 men, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher (180)
    - Scouts; 8 men, Heavy Bolter, 7xSniper Rifle, Camo Cloaks, Teleport Homer (163)

    Elites - Dreadnought; Twin-linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher (145)
    - Terminator Assault Squad; 2xTH/SS, 3xLCs (200)

    Fast Attack - Assault Squad; 10 men, 2xPlasma Pistol, Power Fist, Combat Shield (250)

    I think this gives me 1418 points, which I guess I should put towards getting a bit more fire power. I think I can shuffle points around to free enough for a Whirlwind or a Vindicator, or would I be better off losing more and getting a Devastator Squad?

    The idea is to infiltrate the Scouts deep near objective, and get them set up in cover to snipe as soon as possible, with the first, more mobile Tactical Squad moving up ASAP to hold it or any other objectives. I will initially use the second Tact. Squad and Dreadnought to lay down some fire support. Stick the Librarian with the Termies and the Chaplain with the Assault Squad and Deep Strike them both wherever the action is thickest to cause some mayhem.

    As I said, I would greatly appreciate any help you lot can give me and welcome all suggestions, comments, ridicules etc etc. I am happy to change out almost anything in the list, but for some reason I'm quite attached to the idea of a Chaplain with Jump Pack...but if a more solid leader is needed I could maybe get rid of the Librarian for a Captain (Jump Pack, of course...!) and a relic blade (love the look of those Vanguard Vet models!!). Also I am not keen on Land Speeders, think they look a bit flimsy on the battlefield and am worried they will turn into one-hit wonders.

    Anyways, over to you...thanks in advance.

    PS for the record, I will be playing against Eldar a lot, and am expecting few Guardians but lots of Aspects and Exarchs, undoubtably with a Wraithlord somewhere in the mix.

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    Welcome, newbie87!

    When I look at your list what strikes me most is the question "where's your anti-tank?". A missile launcher on a tactical squad and one hellfire dreadnought at 1,500 points won't buy you much.
    Next biggest problem is that your units aren't really going to be able to support each other very well or jump into gaps. Most of it is fine, but there is some major disruptions too.

    First off: the librarian. Librarians got a boost in 5th edition and I totally reconsidered them. Only to put them aside again. They are cheap and good versus enemy psykers, which is certainly a boon against the Eldar you'll be playing. But other HQs are pretty awesome too.
    If you do want to keep him then do it for the psychic hood. Gating with the assault terminators is just crazy if you ask me. You can't do anything (but run) on the turn you gate, and you've got absolutely no shooting power there. The enemy can easily avoid you by just running away after you deep-struck in. Every sixth time (on average) that you use the power you will lose a model - an expensive terminator! And this is not even including any risk in regards to deep-strike mishaps.
    I'd see where you're going with shooty terminators, because if you teleport them in close they can lay down a waste of hurt. But your assault terminators will have to wait for your next turn to do anything, and the enemy could well be out of range by then...

    Consider combat squadding your troops. Give them razorbacks instead of rhinos to add some extra firepower. Leave behind the heavy weapons and get the assault weapons and power fists upfront. Your tactical squads should definitely both get some type of transport.
    If you'll be playing a lot of Eldar you may consider upgrading your scout sergeant to Telion. He can snipe those squad leaders and greatly reduce the enemy squad's effectiveness.

    The dreadnought is going to get hit by the combined anti-tank power of a 1,500 points list. He is going down on turn 1. He won't do well on his own, so you may want to ditch him or leave him in standard configuration (with maybe a heavy flamer) and drop pod him amidst the enemy lines at least.

    Your terminators shouldn't deep-strike in. That will leave them inactive until they can actually charge on turn 3 in half the games or even later in the other half. Storm shields are great since 5th edition, by the way, so you may well want to make it five thunder hammer terminators. They strike later and kill slightly fewer T3 models, but they don't get bound up by swarms, they can kill tanks and monstrous creatures and they will survive to AP1/2 weaponry twice as well as the lightning claws - that's also true for power-weaponed banshees, who will strike before both kinds of terminators anyhow.
    Gating your terminators will enable them to possibly charge on turn 2, but I don't like deep-striking non-shooty units because they just do nothing for a turn. Especially at that risk that the librarian comes with (losing a model if the distance dice are the same number - a one in six chance - without any saving throws).
    They should get a land raider. Effective charge range of 12"+2"+6", now we're talking! You can have them in close combat virtually anywhere on the board on turn 2.

    Drop the combat shield. They have become SO lame. Do you really think a 6+ save on a one wound model will get you far? You won't be allocating any armor-ignoring wounds on your sergeant on purpose, I guess, so as soon as he starts taking them it will most likely be two and more hits. And even if it's just one: a 6+ once-in-the-game chance of staying alive just isn't worth the points. It doesn't even count against shooting.
    I find plasma pistols are expensive and you also run the risk of getting your own guys killed. But I guess they are okay if you like them.

    So, let's break it down. Do you really want two HQs at 1,500 points? They get pretty pricey, but it's okay if you insist. Do you think the librarians psychic hood will do much good for you? Because if not you should just drop him - he won't be doing much else that's effective.
    Mobility is key in 5th edition. Get your tacticals transport, and really consider combat squadding! It's a real boon because you won't be wasting half your squad's potential every time you decide for one course of action. You can engage different targets and hold different objectives. And you can buy razorbacks that add a big punch of firepower for only a tiny amount of points. That twin-linked heavy bolter will fell the Eldar swiftly and in great numbers...
    Get some good and reliable anti-tank unit other than that lonely dreadnought. Since you don't seem to like landspeeders consider multi-melta attack bikes, for example. They do well.
    Your terminators need a land raider. Really. And if you go with tanks, try to fill on some more of them in order to really overburden the enemy's anti-tank potential.

    How about this:

    Chaplain, jump pack, melta bombs [120]
    Scouts, camo cloaks, heavy bolters, sniper rifles [100]
    Tactical squad, plasma cannon, melta, power fist, razorback [245]
    Tactical squad, plasma cannon, melta, power fist, razorback [245]
    Assault terminators, thunder hammer and storm shields, land raider with extra armour and multi-melta[475]
    Assault squad, power fist [215]
    Attack bike, multi-melta [50]
    Attack bike, multi-melta [50]

    I'm still not very convinced of that list but it does field more anti-tank and will perform more synergetic than you had in your original one. Everything is fast hitting.
    I'd probably get rid of the assault squad in this kind of list and fill in two vindicators with dozer blades instead (dropping the melta bombs on the chaplain who would instead drop his jump pack and go with the terminators, leaving you with some unused points). This would stack up your own vehicle count and therefore put a lot more pressure on enemy anti-tank.
    Against Eldar you would perfectly well with heavy bolters in your tactical squads instead of plasma cannons. They're included in the example list above because there were points to spare.

    Well, just rethink it yourself. Hope I could at least inspire you a bit! Good luck, and welcome back to the game mate! Enjoy it.

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