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    Inherited list, ~2000 points need help fleshing out

    Hi all!

    My brother in the USMC just shipped out for Iraq and left me with his (go figure) Marine army. There's about 2000 points here, depending on extras like meltabombs and such. I was looking for advice on how I can boost this list up to 2500 points for a tournament coming up (plus the extra models would make a good coming home present) Here's what I've got so far:

    Captain, Power sword, Storm bolter (118 pts)

    Terminators x10, Assault cannon x2, Chainfist x2 (470 pts)

    Dreadnought, H. Flamer, Assault cannon (125 pts)

    Tactical squad x10, Missile launcher, plasma gun (x3, 540 pts)

    Fast Attack:
    Assault squad x10, lightning claws, plasma pistol x2 (250 pts)

    Landspeeder, Multimelta, Typhoon launcher (100 pts)

    Heavy Support:
    Vindicator, dozer blade (120 pts)

    Whirlwind (85 pts)

    Predator, TL Lascannon, Las sponsons, Storm bolter (175)

    Total: 1983 points

    I was thinking of giving the termies a Land raider (one combat squad riding inside, the other outside, and replacing the Captain with Calgar, putting him inside the LR.

    Also considering a 5-man sternguard squad with a razorback, and pairing them up with the captain

    Also, a second landspeeder, either together with the first or as a separate unit.

    Need help deciding! Thanks in advance!


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    You've got alot of nice possibilities here.

    I would most likely give the Dreadnought a Drop Pod, with a Locator beacon. To come down first turn. Would also suggest giving 1 of your Sgts in your tactical squad a teleport homer, in case your drop pod gets destroyed. Remember only the Terminators would be able to use the Sgts Teleport Homer. Although all deep striking units will be able to use the locator beacon.

    Give your Termies a Land Raider as you suggested, but hold the remaining 5 in reserve. You can them deep strike them safely near the drop pod, or near the Sgts' teleport homer.

    Some Sternguard (10man) in a Drop Pod (w/ another locator beacon), dropping down mid game (turn 3 or 4) is usually devastating, giving them a couple combi-meltas and/or combi-flamers, they will seriously hurt anything they target the turn they land.

    A second or third land speeder, can also make use of Deep Strike and the locator beacon, and can be ultra effective tank hunters.

    As an additional idea, taking a 2nd Dreadnought in a Drop Pod (locator Beacon) w/M.Melta and DCCW hvy flamer, to also come down first turn targeting a high threat vehicle. With 3 total drop pods, you'll have two arrive at the beginning of your first turn, 1 targeting a nasty infantry, the other targeting a high threat tank, 2 locator beacons to anchor your reaming Deep Strikers. You'll have enough on the table for him to worry about, and you don't have to deep strike the speeders if you think you can get them safely where you need them, but I like the option.

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    Agree with Xpyre, your list can take alot of different routes.

    You'll need another Tactical Squad if you're going for 2500, which then makes me ask what are they riding in to begin with? You need to stick them in Rhino's or Razorbacks!!!
    Around 240 pts if you take the Razorbacks

    A Land Raider would definitely add more muscle to your list.
    About 250 pts.

    At 2500 you're going to see alot of vehicles, consider adding more Melta's and Powerfists to your army. Easily done if you add 2 of each on your Tactical Squad's. Purchase these upgrades by downgrading the main turret from the Predator to an Autocannon and dropping the Stormbolter as well. Good Luck!!!

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