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    2000 pt new sw pod/rhino fun

    Wolf Lord Grimnor

    10 marines, 2 flamers, power fist, rhino=210

    10 marines, 2 melta's, rhino, power fist=215
    10 marines, 2 plasma's, saga of the wulfen, power fist, razorback=240
    5 wolf guard terminators, 2 power weapons, twin claws, heavy flamer, 3 power fists,drop pod=250

    5 wolf guard terminators, assault cannon, thunder hammer+ss, 1 power weapon, 3 power fists, drop pod=295

    dreadnought, multi melta , heavy flamer dccw,drop pod=150

    dreadnought, multi melta , heavy flamer dccw,drop pod=150

    3 longfangs, 2 missile launchers=65!

    3 thunderwolf cavalry=150

    This list was origanlly space marine +space hulk figures some if some of the upgrades seem strange thats why (eg. 7 power fists). The units I already have are in red so I will only lose them if neccessary. Is it going to work? Have you got any improvments?
    Any way to make it cheaper?. Rep avaliable.

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