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    Yet Another Blood Angels List

    Well technically, I'm a Blood Angels Sub-Chapter (Red Host) but I'm trying to actually play my codex for once since I usually utilize Codex: Ultramarines but the rules are just better and I give into temptation, Sanguinus forgive me...

    Dominic, Lord of the Host (Dante Clone)

    Gregory, Master of Sanctity (Lemartes Clone)

    Death Company x5 - Jump Packs

    Terminators x5 - Heavy Flamer and Chainfist x2

    Tactical Squad x5 - Flamer
    BA Rhino

    Tactical Squad x5 - Flamer
    BA Rhino

    Tactical Squad x5 - Melta
    BA Rhino

    Assault Squad - Powerfist

    Baal Predator - HB Sponsons

    Baal Predator - HB Sponsons

    Land Raider

    Points = 1825

    ...and I have 25 points left over. I'm considering droping a chainfist and taking plasma pistols in the assault squad or putting all meltas on the tacticals.

    Comments, Questions, etc.

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    Your list is very similar to a codex army. I am sure you will enjoy Dante, Baal preds and Death Company. However, I would trade Lemartes for Corbulo. His power in combination with Dante's is the most sick combo in the game (practically). With those extra 25 points you could get an attack bike with multi-melta.
    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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