This is an army I am using this afternoon, has a couple of dreadnoughts:


Captain with Power Sword and Boltgun


10 Tactical Marines with Heavy Bolter, Flamer and Chainsword

10 Tactical Marines with Plasma Cannon, Flamer, Plasma Pistol and Chainsword



Ironclad Dreadnought with Two Heavy Flamers and Two Hunter-Killer Missiles

Total: 750pts

Basically I am playing Orks, and I get absolutely hammered by Nobz, so the Ironclad will go for them. The Hunter-Killer Missiles are attacking either some Warbuggies, or Deffkoptas. The warboss will be attacked by the Dreads, and the Boyz and Grotz will be taken down by bolter fire.

Any constructive criticism, please reply.