dark angels army. anyway heres my list i aim to get a 2000 point list i can use in games competitive and non tournament.

i just wanted an opinion on my list to see if it looked okay or not.

Company Master - 125
Combi Weapon
Power Weapon

Interrogator Chaplin 140
Plasma pistol,melta bombs

Deathwing terminators 215
5x termintators,Chain fist and assault cannon.

Tatical Squad - 190
10xmarines, heavy bolter and plasma gun.

Tatical Squad - 225
10x marines, Plasma Cannon, Melta Gun Rihno transport

Tatical Squad - 190
10x marines, plasma Gun, Missile Launcher

Ravenwing Attack squad -140
3xbikers , Melta Bombs,melta gun and flamer

Vindictator -150
Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter Hunter Killer Missile

preadtor - 100
Sponson Heavy Bolter, Pinthle mounted storm bolter

Whirlwind - 100
Extra Armor

Devastors -180 points
Heavy Bolter, Plamsa Cannon, Las Cannon, Multi melta
Razor Back Transport with las cannon

Dreadnought - 135
missile launcher

i have tryed to choose a balanced force so i can deal with pretty much anything that comes my way the main purpose of the bikes is really counter attack and flanking unit so i can get behind lines quickly and damage big units.

the tatical squad with the rhino and the dev's both i want to try and pair in missions so the tatical squad provides cover and the dev's take the objective or kill that annoying tank/fex thats sitting there.

the tanks are mainly support units so most of my tatics have them near the termies or the tatical squads or hope to be anyway.